Alumni Advisory Board Members

Alumni Advisory Board

William R. Goodin, PhD

Alumni Advisor to Engineering Student Groups
UCLA Engineering

James Anhalt III

Chief Architect
Frost Giant Studios, Inc.

John Busch

Windjammer Technologies

Founder and CEO

Lorraine Fesq

Chief Technologist
Systems Engineering & Formulation Division
Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology

Tim Ford

Lead Software Engineer
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Rizwan Kassim

Chief Strategy Officer
Ultra Mobile
Los Angeles, CA

Fahad Nathani

Director of Engineering
K Health, Inc.

Francis J Nickels III

Director of Operations
Riot Games

Dorab Patel

Chief Science Officer

Eddie Shek

LA CTO Forum

Diana Skaar

Head of Business Development
(Google) X

Roderick Son

Senior Health Informatics Research Scientist
Northrop Grumman

Ning Ning Yu

Vice President, R&D, LA, Taboola

Lorenz Verzosa

Resident Solutions Architect
Databricks, Inc

Frank Xiong

Corporate Group Vice President for Blockchain Product Development
Oracle Corp

Dr. Ben Zamanzadeh

Chief Technology Officer
DataPop Inc.

Computer Science Faculty

Alfonso F. Cardenas

Alumni Advisory Board Faculty Chair
Tel: 310-825-7550

Glenn Reinman

Tel: (310) 794-9755

David Smallberg

Tel: 310-267-4665

Walter Karplus

1927 – 2001 In Memoriam
As I look back on my long career, the things I remember are not the contracts I  brought in, not the books I have written, not the people I met in Washington. It’s the 35 Ph.D.s I helped produce, the students whose lives I changed. I suspect when you get to my stage and you look back, that’s what really comes to you.
  – Walter J. Karplus

Current Student Representatives

Bonnie Liu

President of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) honor society

Ava Asmani

Paige Brown

Ethan Wong

Melody Chen

Executive Director of

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