All email addresses are

Juliana Alvarez (Graduate Student Affairs Officer)
Responsible for graduate degree program policies and procedures, academic advising, and processing of forms.
email: jalvarez | office: EVI 291 | tel: 310-825-0060 | fax: 310-206-8133

Marci Baun (Editor)
email: |
Responsible for disseminating department-related news to faculty, staff, and students, and posting news to the department website and corridor displays.  Writes and edits material for department newsletters and annuals, and coordinates with layout artists and printers as required.

Joseph Brown (Graduate Student Affairs Officer)
In charge of student academic affairs, administration of all aspects of the graduate degree programs, and processing of all relevant forms. In addition, this office plays an important role in recruitment as a liaison between graduate students and industry.
email: jbrown l office: EVI 291B | tel: 310-825-6830 | fax: 310-206-8133

Brittani Collins (Director of Human Resources)
Overseas academics, staff and student personnel. Responsible for all academic personnel actions, merits, promotions, and new appointments. Maintains and updates the dossier database (formerly known as SER), and as required, prepares reports from these data files. Arranges visas for visiting scholar and postdoctoral scholar appointments.
email: brittani | office: EVI 277H | tel: 310-825-7372 | fax: 310-206-2273

Cassandra Franklin (Management Services Officer)
Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the department. Responsible directly, or through assistance to the department chair, for planning, organizing, staffing, and directing the teaching, research, administrative, and public activities of the department. Oversees the processing of all NSF proposals and TA appointments. Also serves as a backup for various positions in the department.
email: cassandr | office: EVI 277G | tel: 310-206-3321 | fax: 310-206-2273

Charlie Fritzius (Programmer Analyst)
Manager of the department computing facility. Sets up and maintains the department file server. Installs, maintains, and upgrades the physical network (cables, ports, hubs, routers, switches, etc.) and the software needed to operate and monitor the network. Installs and maintains software for other network services (including, but not limited to security, email, printing services, and network connections).
email: charlie | office: BH 3413 | tel: 310-825-9323 | fax: 310-206-2273

Therese Garcia (Payroll Personnel Analyst)
In charge of all payroll and personnel functions within the Computer Science Department. These functions include oversight and assistance in the areas of hiring, benefits, promotion, reclassification, and all other actions for staff personnel, graduate student researchers, teaching apprentices, and readers.
email: therese | office: EVI 277K | tel: 310-825-9272 | fax: 310-206-2273

Kevin Graham (Site Director | Break Through Tech AI)
Responsible for managing the oversight of launching and running the program in Los Angeles. Plays a critical role in developing the growth strategy for and leading the execution of the program, which includes a curriculum component, a project-based industry collaboration component, and a coaching/mentoring component. Manages the oversight of recruitment and supervises the program staff members.
email: kgraham5 | office: 3531D BH | tel: 310-794-9755 | fax: 310-794-5056

Madelen Hem (Program Coordinator | Assistant to PI’s)
Program Coordinator for the inter-disciplinary NRT program.  Performs and works on PI projects for multiple faculty members.
email: madelen | office: BH 3551 – ScAi Lab | tel: 310-206-9920

Jade Hill (Administrative Specialist)
Provides administrative support to the department chair with scheduling, travel, faculty meetings, committees, presentations and correspondence. Manages all department conference rooms. Oversees the department’s Industrial Affiliate program, annual career planning and serving as a liaison between the department student groups. In addition, she coordinates departmental events, the annual Jon Postel Distinguished Lecture series and tenured faculty recruitment and visits.
email: jade | office: EVI 277C | tel: 310-825-3886 | fax: 310-206-2273

Joann Jue (Fund Manager)
Manages all contract and grant activities, including monthly reconciliation and distribution of general ledgers. Oversees all cost transfers, including expense and salary transfers, and also handles C&G student fellowships. Overall responsibility for the successful completion and submission of all proposals—including hands-on budget preparation and all required university and department forms. Knowledgeable about agency and university requirements, and advises staff and faculty as needed. Processes all cash deposits and gifts that are both monetary and non-monetary. In the handling of these functions, the CS Fund Manager works in close cooperation with the Office of Contracts and Grants Administration (OCGA), Extramural Fund Management office (EFM), general accounting, the Graduate Division, the undergraduate financial aid department, and gift processing.
email: jjue | office: EVI 277L | tel: 310-206-1067 | fax: 310-206-2273

Osanna Kazarian (Administrative Assistant)
Assists the CS faculty in the ENG VI and 3 floor faculty in the Boelter Hall with class and lab related tasks, seminars, copiers and meeting room reservations. Processes Pre-Trip Authorization to purchase airline ticket. Process travel and equipment reimbursements. Purchases office supplies, provides LVO for faculty and their students. Assigns copy code for TA. Assists Alumni advisor to organize Annual Advisory Board meetings. Coordinates CS Department’s Evaluations and assists the MSO with annual Space Data and building inspection. Coordinates J-1 visa process for International Non-Degree Students and Scholars.
email: osannak | office: EVI 498 | tel: 310-825-1322 | fax: 310-206-2273

Sim-Lin Lau (Assistant to PI)
email: simlin | office: BH 3531J | tel: 310-825-2303

Mildri Lopez-Duarte (Purchasing)
Responsible for processing all accounts payable invoices, purchase orders, reimbursements, airline reservations and check requests. Assists the fund manager in processing the monthly computing facility recharges, monthly telephone charges, closeout reports, funding entries, and preparing/maintaining PAR reports and records. Responsible for the relocation of new faculty. Responsible for issuing keys and access to labs/building. Provides parking to students, faculty and staff. Also monitors H&I and open-commitment reports, while handling errors and discrepancies as required.
email: mildri | office: EVI 277M | tel: 310-825-6337 | fax: 310-206-2273

Alexandra Luong (Assistant to PI)
Managing the various financial aspects of the Center for Domain-Specific Computing (CDSC) and VAST research lab. This involves the monitoring of grant fundings, budgets, expenditures, and forecasts. Preparing proposals, annual project reports, and cost-share reports for the Center Director. Providing event coordination for Center’s large, multidisciplinary meetings, reviews, and other research projects’ workshops. Acting as a liaison between university and funding agencies regarding grant startup, incremental funding, grant modifications, period-of-performance extensions, purchase approvals, technical and cost reporting, and contract closeout. Updating lab websites.
email: alexl | office: EVI 492 | tel: 310-825-8145 | fax: 310-206-2273

Kaoru Mulvihill (Assistant to PI)
email: kaoru | office: BH 4514 | tel: 310-825-3243 | fax: 310-206-2273

To Be Announced (Undergraduate Students Affairs Officer)
Manages all course scheduling for the Computer Science Department. The Undergraduate Student Services Advisor is also the liaison between the CS department and the ACM, UPE, and student organizations. Additionally, they are responsible for the administration of various aspects of CS and CS&E degree programs, including updating course curriculums. In the performance of these functions, the CS Undergraduate Student Services Advisor works in close cooperation with the SEAS Student Affairs Office, headed by the Dean of Student Affairs.

If you are a student and have questions about enrollment, curriculum, degree requirements, admission, school policies and procedures, please contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs through the MyUCLA Message Center.
email: to-be-announced | office: EVI 277D | tel: 310-825-4943 | fax: 310-206-2273

Peter Schultze (Programmer Analyst)
email: petersch | office: BH 3273 | tel: 310-825-9929 | fax: 310-206-2273

Edna Todd (Administrative Assistant)
Responsible for assisting faculty with class-related issues, organizes the CS201 seminars, assigns technical report numbers, maintains copier equipment, processes reimbursements for faculty, students, and visitors. Also manages CS website news posts and updates as well as the CS department’s internal phone directory.
email: andetodd | office: EVI 398 | tel: 310-825-4033 | fax: 310-794-5056

Kenneth Van (Programmer Analyst)
email: kvan | office: BH 3413 | tel: 310-825-2145 | fax: 310-206-2273

Shahani Waas (Assistant Director of AI Studio | Break Through Tech AI)
Responsible for engaging in best practices for corporate engagement and curriculum-specific partnerships to customize and execute the AI Studio program in addition to developing significant working relationships with Los Angeles’s leading companies for Host Site.
email: swaas | office: 3531D BH | tel: 310-794-9755 | fax: 310-794-5056