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Due to the high volume of email inquiries, applicants will not receive a personalized response. Over the last few years, we have found that for 99% of the responses to these inquiries can be found on our FAQ admission webpage ( Most questions can be answered by simply reviewing or searching a topic, such as GRE, TOEFL, official transcripts, personal statement, letters of recommendation and document status on the above webpages.
In the rare instance when a question is not answered on one of the above webpages or in the general response below, a personalized email response may be provided.As a courtesy, please do not send the same question to multiple staff/faculty throughout the CS Department. Please send your question that is not listed on the Grad FAQ webpage to the CS Grad Student Affairs Office only. As noted in the above webpages, applicants are asked not to make email or phone inquiries about the receipt of documents. Doing so will delay our efforts to process application material.


**DeepMind Fellowship For CS MS Fall 2022 Applicants Only**


The spirit of this fellowship is to support URM or women students who would otherwise not be able to pursue a graduate degree in AI/ML. 

The fellowship will only be awarded to students who are offered and accept admission to the M.S. program in Computer Science at UCLA.  To be eligible for this fellowship, you must satisfy ALL of the following requirements:

* You must apply to our MS program (deadline December 15, 2021). If admitted you must start the MS  program Fall 2022 (you do not need to be admitted first to apply to the fellowship). If you are starting/have started the MS program before Fall 2022 you are not eligible to apply. 

* You must reside in the United States (no exceptions) in Fall 2022 and for the duration of your M.S. study.

* You would be unable to take up the offer of admission to our program without financial assistance.

* You have a demonstrable interest in artificial intelligence and/or machine learning.

The intent of this fellowship is to provide access to higher education for students who might otherwise find it difficult or impossible to successfully pursue graduate study. In addition, individuals from cultural, racial, linguistic, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds, including women, that are currently underrepresented in graduate education in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning are especially encouraged to apply.

Deadline to apply is December 15, 2021.

To apply for this fellowship please visit: CS MS DeepMind Fellowship Application


**GRE Requirement for Fall 2022-2023 Admissions Cycle Only**

Students who wish to apply for admission to our graduate program for the 2022-2023 academic year (applications for this cycle are due December 15, 2021) are not required to take the GRE or submit a GRE score report as part of their application package. However, students may voluntarily submit GRE test scores and they will be reviewed as part of the holistic application consideration. The applications with GRE scores will not be given greater weight than those that do not include scores.

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