Graduate Office Newsletter

CS Grad Office Newsletter –  Oct 7, 2020

All CS Grad Students

Friendly reminder that students are not allowed on Campus.

**Special note from us because we are working from home as is everyone in Murphy Hall.  Working off site is impacting accessing and
processing of forms thus many deadlines are changing so keep a close eye on our emails.
Enrollment for F20
Friendly reminder the minimum number of units you should be enrolled in is 12 with the max being 18. The last day to enroll/add in any course at UCLA without a financial penalty is the end of Week 2 (Friday Oct. 16). If by Week 2 you are still enrolled on a waitlist for any course and were not able to procure a PTE from the instructor, you will automatically be dropped after Week 2 (Oct 16).

The Last day for graduate students to add/drop classes with per-class fee through MyUCLA is December 11. The last day for graduate student to change grading basis of optional S/U graded courses with per-class fee through MyUCLA is December 11. Please note this pertains to pass/no pass graduate level courses (i.e. 200 series and above). If you are trying to change the grading basis for an undergraduate course that is mandatory letter grade to pass/no pass and MyUCLA will not allow you to make that change, please note Graduate Division has a strict policy of not allowing graduate students to change the grading basis of undergraduate level courses. 

For more information on UCLA term deadlines please visit:
Grading for F20
As mentioned on the email sent out to all CS Grad Students on 9/30: “The (CS) department decided to allow all grad-level courses to be optionally taken S/U for Fall 2020 and to count toward degree requirements.  However, each CS graduate student is limited to taking at most one regular course for an S/U grade in Fall 2020.  (This is the same restriction that undergrads have for P/NP for Fall 2020.)

Auditing Courses
If you wish to audit a course please note that auditing a course is done by the Faculty/Instructor of that course and the student wishing to audit. For more information please visit:

Lecture 80 courses (i.e. online courses)
Please note any online course that has a lecture 80 means that course is for the MS Online Engineering Program only (i.e. CS grad students cannot take/enroll in these courses).

CS 201
If you would like me to enroll you in CS 201 please email Juliana Alvarez at  your name and UID and I should be able to enroll you in CS 201 provided that there are no conflicts with the courses/sections/lab/dis you are currently enrolled/waistlisted in. 

CS Undergraduate Courses

The CS Grad Office has been given access to manually enroll CS grad students in CS undergraduate course provided that there is space available (this includes waitlist positions as well provided that there are open waitlist positions available).
Please be sure to follow instructions #1-3 below to ensure your chances to getting enrolled/waitlisted. 

 If any of these three courses are closed/full we cannot enroll any students. If you would like us to enroll you in a CS undergrad courses (provided that there’s space this includes the waitlist) please do the following: 

1. Check to see if there is any conflict with the CS undergrad course and section/discussion/lab that you would like to be enrolled in and check to see If there’s a conflict with any courses and lab/dis/section you are enrolled in as well as those you are currently waitlisted in. If there is a time conflict even in waitlisted courses, the system will not allow us to enroll you so please check before contacting me (the system is designed so that if there is a conflict we won’t know until after we’ve dropped a course). Also the system will not allow us to enroll you in any more courses if adding the course will exceed 18 units (this also includes courses you are waitlisted in).

2. If there is a class conflict or a class you’d like to drop in exchange for an undergrad course that has open space, please let me know which class(es) you would like for us to drop on your behalf. Please do not drop the course(s) yourself. This is important to ensure if the class is full by the time I access your email, you did not lose the class you were enrolled/waitlisted in. 

3. Please email with your name, UID and class you would like me to drop on your behalf and let me know the course and section/lab/dis (i.e. CS 161 1a) you would like me to enroll you in.
Week 10 Deadlines
Friday, December 11, 2020 is the last day for graduate students to:
·       Make changes to their study lists via MyUCLA with the applicable fee (drop/add courses, change grading basis).
·       Submit a Graduate Degree Petition to request a change of grading basis for a mandatory graded course by filling out the  enrollment petition form  (course ID can be found on schedule of classes website) and have the instructor sign off where it says “Instructor’s signature”  and turn in the completed form to  before week 10.

·       Submit a Withdrawal Notice for the current quarter.
Graduate students receive an official reminder from the Registrar’s Office during third week to check their study lists; they have ten weeks to take the actions listed above.
The Graduate Division complies with published deadlines. We recognize exceptional situations may require a retroactive petition. However, retroactive petitions without compelling cause and documentation create an unnecessary and unfair burden and can negatively affect university records. Any retroactive change requests (add/drop courses, change of grading basis) require departmental and instructor signatures as well as a supporting, explanatory memo from the department chair. Please note this is not a guarantee petitions will be approved.
For more information on add/drop deadlines please visit:
CS PhD Students Only
**Special note from us because we are working from home as is everyone in Murphy Hall.  Working off site is impacting accessing and
processing of forms thus many deadlines are changing so keep a close eye on our emails.

In the coming weeks we will have the latest information regarding providing required forms remotely.  But in short we will still require the forms but the signatures can be sent to be via an email approval to .  This will include the following:

  1. Leave of Absences
  2. Nomination of Committee
  3. Report on the Oral Qualifying Examination
  4. Final Defense
  5. Breadth Requirements
  6. Proposal of Fields
  7. Change of Advisor


Ad Hoc Checklist

Updated on 10/6/20

The ad hoc checklist is a guide and should be used prior to taking any courses you are considering for the minor.  You can only have one ad hoc minor.

Ad Hoc  Petitions Quarterly Deadlines

Quarter Submission Deadline 

Fall October 30

Winter February 5

Spring April 30

Summer – Petitions are not reviewed during the summer months

The Checklist is as follows:

  1. Proposal of Fields must be completely filled out and signed off by the various field chairs.  Check with the Grad Office for field chair confirmation.
  2. Provide a memo of support/justification from your advisor.
  3. Provide an abstract of the two courses you would like to have approved for the proposal of fields.
  4. Abstract should address these points.
  5. ad-hoc field should be a coherent set of courses in an identifiable area (body of knowledge) that is not a subfield of the area of the major or the minors thus make sure to address this issue.
  6. written justification explaining how the proposed ad-hoc minor meets the requirements above and supports your research area.

iii.     If the ad-hoc field presents some overlap with topics that are generally associated with the other fields, the justification should carefully explain why this overlap does not impinge on the value of the minor to broadening your Ph.D. education.

  1. Include your transcript and mark do not highlight the course and grade received.
  2. Send everything in a single PDF to Joseph Brown at . The order of the

PDF items should be as follows:

  1. Signed Proposal of Fields
  2. Faculty Support/Justification memo
  3. Student abstract
  4. Unofficial Transcript with courses marked(*) not highlighted.
  5. PDF should be saved with your name.


Registrars Term Calendar

Refund Schedule

Graduate Student Refunds and Reductions


Link to To TOP Registration

CS MS Students Only
**Special note from us because we are working from home as is everyone in Murphy Hall.  Working off site is impacting accessing and
processing of forms thus many deadlines are changing so keep a close eye on our emails.

*Initial Faculty Advisor* – The initial faculty advisor you were assigned when you first started the CS MS program is your first point of contact re: your Capstone/Thesis. The initial faculty advisor is there to point you in the right direction re: Capstone/Thesis (i.e. they are not automatically your Capstone/Thesis Advisor). As mentioned at the CS MS Orientation as well as in the CS Grad Student Handbook,  is up to the CS MS student to find their own Capstone/Thesis Advisor (must be CS faculty) and procure their consent that they are willing to be your Capstone/Thesis Advisor.

Once a student has found a Capstone/Thesis Advisor who gave their consent to be their Capstone Advisor, the student must fill out the Advisor Consent Form (see link below)  and have the Capstone/Thesis  Advisor sign off. If you have any questions regarding this please contact  .

If you are doing a Capstone, you may switch and/or find an advisor even after you’ve submitted your ATC paper work (as long as you find one before your Capstone). If you are doing a thesis, you may switch advisors after your ATC forms but you will need to reconstitute your committee (please email for further information).**

Petitioning a Breadth Requirement Course – if you are petitioning a course that is not on the approved list make sure you provide one pdf that includes the Breadth Req form filled out, a copy of your unofficial transcript with the grade/class highlighted and a copy of the syllabus to . Please note petitioning courses can only be done in the first quarter of your CS MS program (see CS Grad Student Handbook). Here is the link to the Breadth Requirement Form which shows the courses (2nd page shows the equivalent courses there’s a hyperlink):

Submitting a Breadth Requirement petition does not 100% guaranteed it will be approved in which case you will either need to take the course when space is available or if the instructor teaching the course this quarter gives their consent for you to audit/test out)

Finishing Capstone/Thesis in Fall 2020

If you are about to finish your Breadth Requirement and Program of Study courses this quarter, you will be ready to Advance to Candidacy (see the CS Grad Student Handbook for more information). Once you are ready to Advance to Candidacy for Fall 2020, please do the following:
Please submit your MS Advancement to Candidacy (ATC) Form  and within the same pdf please include a copy of your unofficial transcripts with the Program of Study courses highlighted or asterisked, the updated Breadth Requirement Form (with the 201s filled out)  and Program of Study Form should be emailed as a pdf (no zip files please) to by Friday, October 16, 2020 at 3 p.m. PST. On the MS ATC form, if you plan to finish your courses and turn in your capstone/thesis (i.e. graduate) this quarter you put down Date Advancing to Candidacy: Quarter : Fall 2020 – Degree to be Awarded in Fall 2020 (check off while registered and enrolled). If you plan to be on filing fee the next quarter you put down “Date Advancing to Candidacy: Quarter: Fall 2020 – Degree to be Awarded in “Winter 2021” (check off while on filing fee). If after the Fall ATC deadline (10/16/2020) you change your mind on when your end date is please email .
Thesis Route
If you are planning to do the thesis option, please be sure to submit your Nomination of Committee Form. As mentioned at the CS MS Orientation as well as in the CS Grad Student Handbook, it is the student’s responsibility to find and obtain the faculty members consent to being on your thesis committee before turning this form in  (advisor/chair must be CS faculty, one other CS faculty must serve on the committee and the third can be a faculty outside the CS department) along with your ATC formBreadth Requirement Form and Program of Study Form to by  Friday, October 16 at 3 p.m. PST. If you are doing the thesis route, please be sure to attend an ETD workshop. For information on filing your thesis electronically and the date(s) for the ETD workshop please visit:,
If you are doing an MS thesis you must upload your thesis and have your committee sign off on it electronically by Dec 11, 2020.
Capstone Route
If you are planning to submit your Capstone this quarter, the  deadline to submit the Capstone Results Form with all the advisor and committee signatures and abstract is Friday, December 11, 2020 at 3 p.m. PST.
As mentioned at the CS MS Orientation as well as in the CS Grad Student Handbook, it is the student’s responsibility to find their capstone/thesis advisor (must be CS faculty and make sure to have them sign off on the Advisor Consent Form and email it to ) along with one other CS faculty to be on the committee and another faculty member (this faculty member may be outside the CS Department or also could be CS faculty) to review and sign off on their capstone.
The capstone advisor and committee members may sign off via email but the student must consolidate this into one pdf where the capstone results form is in front (under signature write – see email) and include the email thread where the faculty signed off. They may also have the faculty cc’ when they sign off on their capstone via email.

Filing Fee for Winter 2021

Filing fee means that you are about to finish all your course work for the Breadth Requirement as well as the Program of Study by this quarter and need an additional quarter to finish your capstone/thesis (you’re welcome to finish it all the same quarter they finish all their course requirements but some students need extra time). “Filing Fee” for the next quarter (i.e. you have finished taking all the Program of Study/Breadth Req courses and Advance to Candidacy in Fall 2020 and will go on Filing Fee in Winter to work on the capstone/thesis that you will submit in Winter 2021) as all you need to do is work on and submit your capstone/thesis (you cannot be enrolled in courses when you are on filing fee).
Filing Fee is not required to do and is completely optional provided that you meet the requirements (i.e. Advance to Candidacy one quarter prior to the quarter you plan on being on Filing Fee).
If a student is planning/going to apply for filing fee, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure they read through the filing fee website as there are important information on what services and access are suspended
Once you receive the email from Graduate Division stating that you have successfully Advanced to Candidacy (please note this is separate from emailing your Advancement to Candidacy Form and transcripts), please fill out the electronic Filing Fee form. To access the filing fee form and for more information on filing fee please visit:
The last day to submit a filing fee application for Winter 2021 is January 5, 2021.