Computing Facility

Who are the staff and where are they located?

Both hardware and software questions should be asked by sending mail to help@cs. If you need in-person help:

Software Group:
Peter Schultze – Room 3273 – x59929
Charles Fritzius – Room 3413 – x59323

Hardware Lab:
Kenneth Van – Room 3413 – x52145

How do I setup email clients to work with the CS servers?

The CS email servers support both POP and IMAP.
IMAP/POP server: (SSL secure authentication required, usually found in advanced tab)

SMTP server: (SSL secure authentication required, usually found in advanced tab)

Webmail server:

How can I forward my mail to a different machine?

If your email account is on zimbra:
Login to Zimbra Webmail (
Select the ‘Preferences’ tab
Select ‘Mail’ in the left column
In the main window under ‘Receiving Messages’
Under ‘Forward a copy to:’ enter the forward address
And if you don’t want to keep a local copy then check the ‘Don’t keep a local copy of the message’
Make sure you click save at the top of the window when you are done.

How can I connect a computer to the department network?

For wired connections users must fill out an IP address request form for each machine they want connected to the network. You will need to enter the hardware (MAC) address for the Ethernet card being used. We use DHCP to provide IP addresses for laptops, whether it is a wireless or wired connection. We will assign static IP addresses for desktop and server machines. Under no circumstances should users connect their machines to the network using borrowed or stolen IP addresses we will catch you and there will be a penalty.

For wireless connections please connect to eduroam network. Use for username and your password for authentication. Please click here for more information. Guests can use the UCLA_WEB network.

What is my disk quota?

Graduate student accounts have a 1GB quota limit.
To see your current disk usage:
Login your server
df -h $HOME

Where can I find the current quarter’s course web pages?

All course web pages in the School of Engineering can be found here:

Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science General Catalog 2023

How do I setup a personal web page?

Log in to the remote ssh login server we provided you. The login server can be found in the email we sent you when we created your username. Create a lowercase www directory in your home directory. Place your html files in the www directory, make sure you have an index.html file. You can access your web page with You must make sure that both your home directory and the www directory have r-x permissions for the world:

chmod o+rx $HOME
chmod o+rx $HOME/www

Which printers can I print to?

Graduate students can use the following public printers:
pub3 (Model – HP9050PS) Located in Boelter Hall 3286

Faculty and Graduate students working in a Lab in Engineering 6 can use these printers:
p292 (Model – HP M605) Located in Engineering 6 Room 292
p394 (Model – HP M605) Located in Engineering 6 Room 394
p494 (Model – HP M605) Located in Engineering 6 Room 494

Windows 10/7 Printing Setup

Macintosh OS X Printing Setup

Linux Printing Setup

Can I retrieve a backup of the file(s) I just accidentally deleted?

If you accidentally delete a file and want to check if that file was saved on the incremental backup disk you can run getback. For example, user ‘someone’ accidentally removed the file ‘foo’ from ~/bar directory:

cd ~/bar
getback {filename} or leave filename blank for options.

If ‘foo’ is in the listing then it can be retrieved by executing ‘getback foo’. If not then send mail to help and request that the file ~/bar/foo be restored from the latest fulldump tape. (Please remember to give the complete path- name of the file(s)).

(man getback for details)

Does the department have a policy regarding long-lived jobs or simulations?

Any job that will take five minutes of CPU time or more should run with lower priority using nice command of level +15 or higher. (higher the number lower the priority)

e.g. nice +15 long_job (man nice for details)

Under the current simulation policy, a user may run ONE such simulation. There will be no simulations permitted on servers.

If additional simulation is necessary for your research, a user can send a request to help to run simulation on other workstations. Unauthorized simulations will be KILLED without any notice. NO EXCEPTIONS.

You can check on the status of your simulations using ps (man ps for details).

Where are the on-line databases of library holdings?

Computer Science Department Technical Reports are available via WEB from:


Orion: (UCLA library holdings)

Melvyl: (UC library holdings – periodical listings, books, and journal citations/articles), or telnet (/usr/local/bin/melvyl) Accessing Melvyl from the UCLA.EDU domain, you can access several specialized databases, such as INSPEC for journal citations and full text images, and Computer Articles for trade magazine references.

What is the policy regarding the installation and upgrade of public domain software?

Requests to install or upgrade software can be made by sending mail to Both types of requests will be evaluated by DCF staff. New software will be installed only if it is judged to be both reliable and useful for a significant fraction of the user population.

What is the computer account policy?