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CS Graduate Student Handbook

This document has been prepared to answer common questions about the graduate programs offered by the UCLA Computer Science Department. It supplements the UCLA General Catalog.

The Standards and Procedures for Graduate Study at UCLA, which frequently is cited in this handbook, provides detailed information and sets forth general policies, many of which come from the Academic Senate and its Graduate Council, regarding completion of degree requirements, master’s and doctoral committees, examinations and foreign language requirements. Also included are general regulations concerning graduate courses, standards of scholarship, leaves of absence, normal progress toward degree, and a number of other matters.

The content of this handbook is subject to revision. Students should regularly check their CS e-mail account, as most changes in regulations will be sent via e-mail. However, courses, course descriptions, instructor designations, curricular degree requirements, and fees described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice. In all matters, the rules and regulations of the UCLA General Catalog and the Standards and Procedures for Graduate Study at UCLA shall supersede this handbook.

We invite you to read and familiarize yourself with the contents of this handbook, and hope it allows you to make your journey at UCLA both smooth and successful.

There are two ways of navigating your way through the contents of this handbook: