Research Labs

Automated Reasoning Group (Adnan Darwiche)
Big Data and Genomics Lab (Eran Halperin)
Biocybernetics Laboratory (Joe DiStefano)
Center for Smart Health (Ramin Ramezani)
Center for Vision, Cognition, Learning and Autonomy (Song-Chun Zhu)
Cognitive Systems Laboratory (Judea Pearl)
Computational Genetics Laboratory (Eleazar Eskin)
Computational Machine Learning Group (Cho-Jui Hsieh)
Connection Lab (Leonard Kleinrock)
Digital Arithmetic and Reconfigurable Architecture Laboratory (Milos Ercegovac)
ER: mhealth and Data Analytics Research Laboratory (Majid Sarrafzadeh)
Information and Data Management Group (multiple faculty)
Intelligent Connectivity Laboratory (ICON Lab) (Omid Abari)
Internet Research Laboratory (Lixia Zhang)
Laboratory for Embedded Collaborative Systems (LECS) (archived CENS documents)
Language Understanding & Synthesis (PLUS) Lab (Nanyun Peng)
Large-scale Machine Learning Group (BigML) (Baharan Mirzasoleiman)
Machine Intelligence Lab (Aditya Grover)
Machine Learning and Genomics Lab (Sriram Sankararaman)
MAGIX: Computer Graphics & Vision Laboratory (Demetri Terzopoulos)
Multimedia Information System Technology Group & Laboratory (Alfonso Cardenas)
Natural Language Processing Group (Kai-Wei Chang)
Network & Embedded Systems Laboratory (Mani Srivastava)
Network Research Laboratory (Mario Gerla)
PolyArch Research Laboratory (Tony Nowatzki)
Scalable Analytics Institute (ScAi) (Wei Wang, Yizhou Sun, John Cho, multiple faculty)
Software Engineering and Analysis Laboratory (Miryung Kim)
Software Systems Laboratory for Data Analytics and Machine Learning (SOLAR) (Harry Xu)
Statistical and Relational Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (StarAI) (Guy Van den Broeck)
Statistical Machine Learning Lab (Quanquan Gu)
Vision Laboratory (Stefano Soatto)
VLSI Architecture, Synthesis & Technology (VAST) Laboratory (Jason Cong)
Web Information Systems Laboratory (Carlo Zaniolo)
WiNG (Wireless Networking Group) (Songwu Lu)