CS 201 | Designing a Secure Laptop for the FBI, FINN SOUTHERLAND, Green Hills Software

Speaker: Finn Southerland
Affiliation: Green Hills Software


Green Hills Software will present their new “Designing a Secure Laptop for the FBI” tech talk. The talk is about how a small group of newer Green Hills Software engineers designed and built the world’s first secure laptop, with the FBI being the first customer. They will use this project to illustrate how design principles of simplicity and separation are imperative for security. As you can imagine, it’s a challenging problem and they are excited to cover some of the solutions in this talk.


Finn Southerland is a key developer on Green Hills Software’s Secure Laptop product, within their RTOS team. Finn graduated from Harvey Mudd College in 2019 with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and he then started at Green Hills Software. Finn has worked extensively in the areas of security, operating systems, and system design.

Hosted by Professor Paul Eggert

Date(s) - Oct 25, 2022
4:15 pm - 5:45 pm

3400 Boelter Hall
420 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles California 90095