Faculty Awards


Google Research Award—Kai-Wei Chang—Cho-Jui Hsieh
ACM Fellow—Wei Wang
Sloan Fellowship—Kai-Wei Chang, Ravi Netravali
NSF CAREER Award—Cho-Jui Hsieh
SIGMICRO Test of Time Award—Glenn Reinman
International Society for Computational Biology Fellowship—Eran Halperin
FPGA Best Paper Award—Jason Cong
Senate Distinguished Teaching Award—Alexander Sherstov


Fellow of National Academy of Inventors—Jason Cong
Fellow of National Academy of Inventors—George Varghese
IEEE Computer Pioneer Award—Demetri Terzopoulos
ACM SIGCOMM Lifetime Achievement For Networking Award—Lixia Zhang
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow—Guy Van den Broeck
Carnegie Corporation of New York Great Immigrant Honoree—Judea Pearl
UCLA Medal—Len Kleinrock
NSF CAREER Award—Ravi Netravali
NSF CAREER Award—Sriram Sankararaman
NSF CAREER Award—Guy Van den Broeck
IACR Test of Time Award—Amit Sahai
ICSME Most Influential Paper Award—Miryung Kim
SIGPLAN Distinguished Paper Award—Guy Van den Broeck—Todd Millstein
OOPSLA Best Paper Award—Todd Millstein
PLDI Best Paper Award—Todd Millstein
SIGCOMM Best Paper Award—Todd Millstein, George Varghese
ACM Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics Best Student Paper
Award—Yizhou Sun, Carlo Zaniolo, Wei Wang


Semiconductor University Research Award—Jason Cong
IJCAI Computers and Thought Award—Guy Van den Broeck
US National Academy of Inventors (NAI) member—Len Kleinrock
Key to the City of Los Angeles—Len Kleinrock
Academia Europaea Member—Rafail Ostrovsky
ACM Fellow—Songwu Lu
ACM Fellow—Carlo Zaniolo
International Society for Computational Biology Fellow—Eleazar Eskin
IACR Fellow—Amit Sahai
American Statistical Association Fellow—Judea Pearl
CESASC Achievement Award—Jason Cong
Samsung AI Researcher of the Year Award—Cho-Jui Hsieh
Donald O. Pederson Best Paper Award—Jason Cong
William J. McCalla ICCAD Best Paper Award—Jason Cong
ACM SoCC Best Paper Award—Ravi Netravali
FPGA Best Paper Award—Jason Cong
Okawa Foundation Research Award—Yizhou Sun




Excellence in the Field of Mathematics Award—Rafail Ostrovsky
IEEE INFOCOM Achievement Award—Mario Gerla
Jean-Claude Laurie in Dependable Computing Award—Algirdas Avizienis
ACM Fellow—Adnan Darwiche
ACM Fellow—Mario Gerla
ACM Fellow—Amit Sahai 
NSF Career Award—Tony Nowatzki
Honorary Doctorate from Yale University—Judea Pearl
ISLPED 2018 Best Paper Award—Jason Cong
Vehicle Communication Magazine – Best Paper Award—Mario Gerla
Lockheed Martin Excellence in Teaching Award—Adnan Darwiche
Okawa Foundation Research Award—Kai-Wei Chang


US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Member—Jason Cong
US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Member—George Varghese
Dijkstra Prize—Eli Gafni
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow—Sriram Sankararaman
ACM Fellow—Mani Srivastava
IEEE Fellow—Rafail Ostrovsky
Sells Award for Distinguished Multivariate Research—Judea Pearl
American Mathematical Society Member—Judea Pearl
IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award—Rafail Ostrovsky
NSF CAREER Award—Quanquan Gu
ACM SIGNA Induction into the: TCFPGA Hall of Fame—Jason Cong
10-Year Retrospective Most Influential Paper Award, DAC—Jason Cong
Best Long Paper Award, EMNLP—Kai-Wei Chang
MEMSYS 2017 Best Paper Award—Jason Cong
MEMSYS 2017 Best Paper Award—Glenn Reinman
ACM SIGGRAPH Conference on Motion in Games Best Paper Award—Demetri Terzopoulos
Okawa Foundation Research Award—Sriram Sankararaman
UCLA Hellman Award—Sriram Sankararaman
Faculty in Residence—Faculty of the Year Award—Miryung Kim


NSF CAREER Award—Raghu Mekka
ACM-Test-of-Time Award—Amit Sahai
IEEE Fellow—Songwu Lu
IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award—Jason Cong


Okawa Foundation Research Award—Miryung Kim
Yahoo! Academic Career Enhancement Award—Quanquan Gu


NSF CAREER Award—Tyson Condie
Honorary Doctorate, Texas A&M University—Judea Pearl
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship—Alexander Sherstov
Northrop Grumman Excellence in Teaching—Alexander Sherstov
Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize—Stanley Osher
Royal Society of London Member—Demetri Terzopoulos
National Academy of Sciences Member—Judea Pearl
Jet Propulsion Laboratory Fellow—Leon Alkalai
SIGMOBILE Outstanding Contributions Award—Leonard Kleinrock


Prolific Author Award, DAC—Jason Cong
Distinguished Alumni Educator Award, UIUC—Milos Ercegovac
Sloan Research Fellowship—Jason Ernst
Honorary Doctorate, Concordia University, Canada—Leonard Kleinrock
Distinguished Alumni Award, NY University Polytechnic—Judea Pearl
Helmholtz Test-of-Time Awards, IEEE—Demetri Terzopoulos—Song-Chun Zhu—Alan Yuille
Distinguished Visiting Professor of Computer Science, Technion Israel Inst. of Technology—Judea Pearl
IACR Member—Rafail-Ostrovsky
IEEE Fellow—Stefano Soatto


Jean-Claude Laprie Award in Dependable Computing—Algirdas Avizienis
IBM Faculty Award—Jason Cong
Lockheed Martin Excellence in Teaching Award—Paul Eggert
Honorary Doctorate, Computer Science, DePaul University—Alan Kay
Pazy Memorial Research Award—Rafail Ostrovsky, Amit Sahai
NSF CAREER Award—Alexander Sherstov
Presidential Early Career Award—Jennifer Wortman Vaughan
ACM SIGPLAN Service Award—Jens Palsberg
Alexander Graham Bell Medal—Leonard Kleinrock
Harvey Prize in Science and Technology—Judea Pearl
IEEE Outstanding Service Award—Wei Wang
Internet Hall of Fame Award—Leonard Kleinrock
NASA Exceptional Achievement Award—Leon Alkalai
Turing Award—Judea Pearl


Keck Futures Initiative Award, National Academies—Demetri Terzopoulos
Symantec Term Chair in Computer Science—Jennifer Wortman Vaughan
NSF CAREER Award—Miryung Kim
ACM SIGPLAN Award—Todd Millstein and Rupak Majumdar
ACM | IEEE A. Richard Newton Technical Impact Award in EDA—Jason Cong
Artificial Intelligence Hall Of Fame Award—Judea Pearl
IEEE Communications Society Technical Recognition Award—Mario Gerla
MILCOM Technical Achievement Award—Mario Gerla
Okawa Foundation Research Award—Demetri Terzopoulos
ACM Fellow—David Heckerman
Rumelhart Prize—Judea Pearl
Cognitive Science Society Fellow—Judea Pearl


Google Focused Research Award—Deborah Estrin
Honorary Doctorate, University of Murcia, Spain—Alan Kay
Honorary Doctorate of Science, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology—Leonard Kleinrock
Sloan Research Fellowship—Rupak Majumdar
Technology Innovation Award, Wall Street Journal—Carey Nachenberg
Rethinking Encryption Award, Google—Amit Sahai
NSF CAREER Award—Jennifer Wortman Vaughan
Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing Honor—Eli Gafni
Dan David Prize—Leonard Kleinrock
IEEE Circuits & System Award—Jason Cong
Hellenic Artificial Intelligence Society Member—Demetri Terzopoulos
IEEE Fellow—Song-Chun Zhu


Lockheed Martin Excellence in Teaching Award—Milos Ercegovac
Sloan Research Fellowship—Eleazar Eskin
Northrop Grumman Prize for Best Publication Record—Mario Gerla
Honorary Doctorate, Informatics/Computer Science—Kyoto University—Alan Kay
Guggenheim Fellowship—Demetri Terzopoulos
NSF Career Award—Zhuowen Tu
IEEE Internet Award—Lixia Zhang
NAE Member—Deborah Estrin
AAAS Member—Stanley Osher
SIAM Member—Stanley Osher


Doctorate Honoris Causa, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology—Deborah Estrin
Honorary Doctorate, Mathematics, Univ. of Waterloo, Canada—Alan Kay
IBM Faculty Award—Todd Millstein
Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, Chapman University—Judea Pearl
Lockheed Martin Excellence in Teaching Award—David Smallberg
Aggarwal Prize Award—Song-Chun Zhu
Benjamin Franklin Medal—Judea Pearl
National Medal of Science—Leonard Kleinrock
Okawa Foundation Research Award—Eleazar Eskin
Okawa Foundation Research Award—Amit Sahai
IAA Member—Leon Alkalai
IEEE Fellow—Mani Srivastava
ACM Fellow—Jason Cong
IEEE Fellow—Alan Yuille
ACM Fellow—Alan Kay


IBM Faculty Award—Jason Cong
Honoris Causa Degree in Informatics, University of Pisa—Alan Kay
Sloan Research Fellowship—Eddie Kohler
Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists & Engineers—Eddie Kohler
Honorary Doctor of Science, University of Toronto—Judea Pearl
IEEE PAMI-TC Computer Vision Award—Demetri Terzopoulos
International SAT Competition, First Place Gold Medal—Adnan Darwiche
AAAS Member—Deborah Estrin
Women of Vision Award | Anita Borg Institute—Deborah Estrin
IEEE Fellow—Demetri Terzopoulos
ACM Fellow—Demetri Terzopoulos
AAAI Fellow—Adnan Darwiche


New Faculty Fellowship Award—Eddie Kohler
NSF CAREER Awards—Eddie Kohler, Rupak Majumdar, Todd Millstein
Honorary Doctorate, Georgia Tech—Alan Kay
New Faculty Fellowship Award, Micrrosoft Research—Eddie Kohler
Northrop Grumman Excellence in Teaching Award—John Cho
Inventor Recognition Award, Semiconductor Corp—Jason Cong
IBM Faculty Award—Jason Cong
Young Innovator Award, MIT Technology Review—Eddie Kohler
IBM Faculty Award—Rafail Ostrovsky
IBM Faculty Award—Jens Palsberg
Purpose Prize, Civic Ventures—Judea Pearl
Academy Award—Demetri Terzopoulos
ACM-W Athena Lecturer Award—Deborah Estrin
ACM SIGMETRICS Achievement Award—Richard Muntz
Computer & Communications Prize—Leonard Kleinrock
Israeli Software Industry Pioneer Award—Gerald Estrin
Okawa Foundation Research Award—John Cho
Okawa Foundation Research Award—Milos Ercegovac
Royal Society of Canada Member—Demetri Terzopoulos
ACM Fellow—Lixia Zhang


Lockheed Martin Excellence in Teaching Award—Richard Korf
“Professor of the Year” from the Engineering Society of UC—David Smallberg
Honorary Laurea Doctorate in Ingegneria Telematica, Turin Polytechnic—Leonard Kleinrock
DARPA special commendation for outstanding achievement—Rajive Bagrodia
Election to the Internet Architecture Board—Lixia Zhang
Honorary Laureate Degree, University of Bologna—Leonard Kleinrock
IBM Faculty Award—John Cho
Okawa Foundation Research Award—Majid Sarrafzadeh
Okawa Foundation Research Award—Songwu Lu
Okawa Foundation Research Award—Jason Cong
Okawa Foundation Research Award—Rafail Ostrovsky
NAS Member—Stanley Osher
IEEE Fellow—Lixia Zhang


Northrop Grumman Award for Teaching—Glenn Reinman
Lockheed Martin Award for Teaching—Joe DiStefano
Draper Prize—Alan Kay
Kyoto Prize—Alan Kay


UCLA Distinguished Teaching Award—Joe DiStefano
Harvey Eby for Art of Teaching Award—Joe DiStefano
ACM-AAAI Allen Newell Award—Judea Pearl
David Marr Prize-Alan Yuille
David Marr Prize-Song-Chun Zhu
IEEE Computer Society Technical Achievement Award-Wesley Chu
AAAS Member-Leonard Kleinrock
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Member-Milos Ercegovac
Turing Award-Alan Kay
IEEE Fellow-Milos Ercegovac
IEEE Fellow-Mario Gerla


ACM Fellow—George Varghese
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow—Amit Sahai


IEEE Fellow—Jason Cong


ACM Fellow—Leonard Kleinrock
ACM Fellow—Deborah Estrin