Linux Printing Setup

Graduate students can use the following public printers:
pub3 (Model – HP9050PS) Located in BH 3286

Faculty and Graduate students working in a Lab in Engineering 6 can use these printers:
p292 (Model – HP 4250) Located in Engineering 6 Room 292
p394 (Model – HP M605) Located in Engineering 6 Room 394
p494 (Model – HP M605) Located in Engineering 6 Room 494

Note: User must be logged in as administrator.
Note: For Wireless printing you must connect to eduroam wireless network.

1. Under the System Settings menu select Printing.
2. In the window that comes up click the icon labeled New.
3. In the window that comes up click the button labeled Forward.
4. For the queue name type in pub1 (subsitute pub3 for that printer).
5. Click the button labeled Forward.
6. On the Select a queue type drop down menu select Networked CUPS (IPP).
7. Under Server type
8. Under Path type /printers/pub3 (subsitute pub3 for the printer you want).
9. Click the Forward button.
10. In the Printer model window under the Select the printer manufacturer and model drop down menu select HP and the correct printer model (pub1 and pub3 are Laserjet 9050).
11. Click the Forward button, click finish in the next window.

To setup duplex printing on pub1 or pub3:
1. In the printer configuration window select the printer you want to edit.
2. Click on the Driver options tab
3. Go to the Double-Sided Printing option and change the drop down menu from Not capable to Long Edge (Standard)
4. Click the OK button and you are done.