The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering has appointed five faculty members with various experiences in promoting equity, diversity and inclusion to its Computer Science Department. They bring expertise in developing computer architectures, fairness in machine learning, security and networking, and tools for big data analysis.

Blaise-Pascal Tine joined UCLA Samueli July 1 as an assistant professor from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned his Ph.D. in computer science. Tine’s research interests include high-performance computing, heterogeneous computer architectures, processors for autonomous systems and designing custom software-hardware accelerators for graphics rendering and machine learning. One of his major projects, Vortex, is an open-source, full-system graphics processing unit (GPU) framework that aims to streamline hardware accelerators research in graphics, graph analytics and machine learning. He has contributed to 14 publications, including 10 as first author. He also holds four U.S. patents on graphics and rendering technologies.

Saadia Gabriel will join UCLA Samueli in July 2024 as an assistant professor. She is currently a postdoctoral fellow with the Healthy ML (machine learning) group at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and will start a data science faculty fellowship at the New York University this fall. Gabriel’s research is in social commonsense reasoning and fairness in natural language processing, with a focus on qualifying the intent and factuality of human-written language. She aims to design models tailored to a person’s or computer’s underlying and overlying goals.  

Sam Kumar will join UCLA Samueli as an assistant professor in July 2024. He is currently a doctoral student in computer science at UC Berkeley. Kumar’s research interests lie in system security and networked systems. He is a member of two research groups — the cloud computing Sky Computing Lab and the Buildings, Energy and Transportation Systems research group. His efforts to develop open-source network applications include Transmission Control Protocol for low-power networks, which has been adopted in OpenThread — an open-source network stack used in smart home products. The protocol allows devices, regardless of their manufacturer, to connect to different networks (WiFi, Ethernet, 5G and LTE) with reliability, energy efficiency, security and extended range in mind.

Remy Wang will join UCLA Samueli as an assistant professor in July 2024. He is currently a computer science and engineering doctoral student at the University of Washington. Wang’s research focuses on optimizing data systems using advanced techniques in programming languages and database management. He has authored 10 papers, including four as first author. Among the many honors he has received from the Association for Computer Machinery are a best paper award at the 2022 Symposium on Principles of Database Systems, and distinguished paper awards in 2021 at the Principles of Programming Languages  conference and the Object-Oriented Programming, Systems Languages & Applications (OOPSLA) conference, respectively.

Eunice Jun will join UCLA Samueli in November 2024 as an assistant professor from the University of Washington, where she received her doctorate and master’s in computer science and engineering. Jun, who holds a bachelor’s degree in cognitive science and computer science from Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, aims to make data more accessible by developing powerful analysis tools for individuals with little to no statistical or programming expertise. Her research combines ideas and techniques from human-computer interaction, programming languages, software engineering and statistics.

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