A warm congratulations to assistant professor Baharan Mirzasoleiman in receiving the UCLA Society of Hellman Fellows Award. Each year, a select number of fellows are chosen from faculty in various disciplines across the campus. This years, there are 22.

The UCLA Society of Hellman Fellows Program was established through the kind generosity of the Hellman Fellows Fund to help promising assistant professors with their research and creative endeavors in hopes of promoting career advancement and enhancing their progress. The main objective of Mirzasoleiman’s proposal is to develop scalable and accurate machine learning methods that can be applied to identify and predict various mental health disorders from multi-modal passive sensing data.

Mirzasoleiman’s research aims to address sustainability, reliability, and efficiency of machine learning and is mainly working on improving the big data quality by developing theoretically rigorous methods to select the most beneficial data for efficient and robust learning. She is also interested in improving the models and learning algorithms. The resulting methods are broadly applicable for learning from massive datasets across a wide range of applications, such as medical diagnosis and environment sensing.

Once again, cheers to this marvelous accomplishment, Professor Mirzasoleiman!