UCLA professor Carey Nachenberg has been selected by the Distinguished Teaching Award Selection Committee to receive the Distinguished Teaching Award for Non-Senate Faculty. He is one of the three awardees selected from a large pool of extraordinary nominees.

This award is given to faculty who have demonstrated exceptional teaching skills, creativity, and dedication to their students. Nachenberg’s commitment to teaching and the positive impact he has made has not gone unnoticed by his colleagues and students. The committee was impressed by his track record of innovative teaching methods and ability to inspire and motivate learners.

In addition to his adjunct professorship at UCLA, Nachenberg worked full time at Lyft Level 5 designing and building self-driving vehicles. Prior to his work at Lyft, Nachenberg was one of the founding members of Chronicle, a moonshot born and spun out of Google X. Before joining Google, Nachenberg served as Fellow and chief engineer at cyber-security firm Symantec, where he was responsible for the architecture of Symantec’s core protection technologies and security analytics. Nachenberg is also a published author; his first novel, a techno-thriller entitled The Florentine Deception is available in paperback, audiobook (on Audible and iTunes) and e-book formats. Nachenberg earned his BS and MS in Computer Science from UCLA in ’95.

As a recipient of this award, Nachenberg will be recognized at the annual Andrea L. Rich Night to Honor Teaching event in the Fall, and his achievements will be shared with the wider campus community. Additionally, he will receive a $6,000 award and a certificate in recognition of his outstanding contributions to teaching.