Professor Jason Cong received the Outstanding Scientist Award from the Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA (CAST-USA) at its 31st Annual Meeting and Global Innovation Summit on October 14, 2023, in Irvine, California.

CAST-USA serves as a model for celebrating the exceptional academic contributions and accomplishments of the upcoming generation of Chinese scientists and technology innovators in North America. CAST-USA has over 20,000 members from diverse fields, including technology, culture, education, law, finance, and the humanities. Each year, it organizes an annual conference. With sixteen local chapters and professional associations throughout the United States, their members are a driving force behind scientific research, technological advancements, and cultural preservation in many US companies, universities, and research institutions.

Past winners of the Outstanding Scientist Award include recipients of the Fields Medal, the Dirac Award, the Breakthrough Prize and other significant honors. During the summit, Professor Cong also delivered a keynote speech titled “Can We Automate Integrated Circuit Design?” This recognition and his keynote address further highlight his contributions to the scientific community and technology innovation.