January 28, 2019 Board Meeting

UCLA Computer Science Department

Alumni Advisory Board

Winter 2019 Meeting

Monday, January 28, 2019


Tannas Alumni Suite, Engineering VI


Board Members: James Anhalt, Alfonso Cardenas, Tim Ford, Bill Goodin, Francis Nickels, Diana Skaar, Roderick Son, David Smallberg, Ben Zamanzadeh

Guests: Adnan Darwiche, Richard Korf, Fahad Nathani, Laurie O’Connor, Sarah Low, Deborah Lin, Cassandra Franklin

Student Leaders: Yvonne Chen (ACM), Natasha Kohli (ACM), Kevin Tan (ACM), Nathan Zhang (UPE), Austin Guo (UPE), Caroline Quigg (ACM-W), Baolinh Nguyen (ACM-W)

General Discussion:

Please see Prof Darwiche’s attached slides, which are very comprehensive.

Prof. Darwiche – Winter 2019 Presentation

Of special interest was his emphasis on how excellent many of the CS undergraduate students are.  Students in his research group are involved with research that in the past would have been done by graduate students.  He is hoping to create an accelerated program that will encourage more undergraduates to attend graduate classes.  He also hopes to create a fast track program that will allow students to move more quickly through the graduate program.  He is also planning an undergraduate research seminar series.

He also described a new interdisciplinary center for quantum computing research and education that is forming at UCLA.  The key departments are Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Physics.

Student group presentations:

Please see the attached presentations by ACM and ACM-W.

ACM Winter 2019 Presentation

ACM-W Winter 2019 Presentation

Future Events:

As in past years, Board members will be invited to attend Discover UCLA Engineering (formerly called Engineering Open House) on Sunday, April 14.  High school seniors admitted to UCLA Engineering and their parents attend this event to help them make their college choice; and alumni help them with that decision process.  We may also call or email these high school seniors prior to the event itself.

Other Items:

We ask each Board member to make sure that his or her information on this website page is correct

We were pleased to have Fahad Nathani and Laurie O’Connor attend as guest alumni.  We also note that Dr Lolo Penedo recently stepped down from the Board after many years of service.  She retired from Northrop Grumman in 2017; and has been travelling the world with her husband since then!


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