George Varghese, Jonathan B. Postel Networking Chair at UCLA, has released the second edition of his book, “Network Algorithmics”. Varghese is deeply passionate about the interdisciplinary approach to designing fast networked devices and his book addresses the challenges of modern cloud computing and data center networking.

Varghese’s career can be divided into two parts – the former focusing on making the internet faster and the latter on making it correct. The first  edition, published almost 20 years ago, introduced various techniques combining hardware ideas and network-specific algorithms, leading to the creation of Network Algorithmics as a field.

Varghese has recently been involved in jumpstarting a new field called Network Design Automation (NDA), providing a toolset for operating and debugging networks. He is interested in designing operator-friendly tools for managing and debugging large networks

The second edition of Network Algorithmicspresents a comprehensive methodology for maximizing speed while meeting network design objectives, with a unique focus on seamlessly integrating data structures, algorithms, operating systems, and hardware/software co-designs for high-performance routers/switches and network end systems. It describes how the principles and techniques of the first edition continue to be relevant in a world with many changes including virtualization, multicore processors, and large scale cloud computing.

The book is co-authored with Professor Jim Xu from Georgia Tech and is now available on Amazon and Elsevier. With Varghese’s expertise and experience, Network Algorithmics, Second Edition” can be a valuable resource for those interested in efficient implementation of network devices.