exploretech.la, an annual event that aims to inspire high school students from underserved communities in Los Angeles to explore computer science, engineering, and technology, drew hundreds of attendees this year. Formerly ACM’s TEALS Computer Science Fair, exploretech.la was hosted at Ackerman Grand Ballroom on  Wednesday, April 10th.

exploretech.la’s founder Nathan Yang had this to say about the event:

Everything we do at exploretech.la is for our mission: inspiring high students to explore computer science, engineering, and technology. If we can get at least one student to think “Oh thats cool! I want to learn more,” then I think we’ve been successful. I’m very proud of how far the team has come and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future of exploretech.la.

Along with dozens of exhibitors, such as Microsoft, Bird, and Unity, hundreds of high school students attended the event and its various booths, panels, and workshops. For details on how the event came to life, hear from one of the organizers on his personal experience.


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