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Speaker: Paul Keener
Affiliation: ViaSat

ABSTRACT: In this talk I will address the common mythologies associated with Red Team activities, development and implementation in the corporate environment. We will talk about the eight different types of Red Teaming, the artifacts that get generated for customers, both internal and external, and how they are used to inform network security risk decisions. This talk will enable the graduate student to walk away with a clear understanding of what Red Teaming is and isn’t, when to use a Red Team, what type of Red Team to use, and what to expect from a Red Team engagement. We will also discuss the differences between Red, Blue, Green, White, and Hunt Teams. BIO: Paul Keener worked in the field of cybersecurity for the last 17 years. As a United States Marine Communications Officer, he has years of experience developing and leading cyber penetration teams within the Department of Defense. During his career as a Marine, he has led the Marine Corps Red Team; taught the data network package for the Basic Communications Officer Course; and planned for large, secure deployed networks in often austere, unforgiving environments. His most recent job within the Marine Corps was as the Cyber Developmental Test and Evaluation Lead for MCTSSA (Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity), where he led the development of an advanced adversarial cyber testing capability. The team that he led focused at the nation-state level on exposing the specific, exploitable vulnerabilities within Marine Corps Command and Control systems. He has a passion for creating life-long students in the art of cyber warfare and most of his career as a Marine has been focused on the training and development of cyber professionals. Recently retired from the Marine Corps, he now works for ViaSat, leading their Red Team and Cyber Threat Hunting efforts. Paul is also an adjunct professor and the Academic Coordinator for the Masters of Science in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership at the University of San Diego.

Hosted by Dr. Yanbiao Li

Date(s) - Oct 12, 2017
4:15 pm - 5:45 pm


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