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Speaker: John Gill
Affiliation: Teradata

ABSTRACT: In a world where data drives decisions the need to grow analytics systems without losing availability becomes a problem. Learn how Teradata is building solutions to meet customer’s high availability needs. BIO: As a Software Engineer at Teradata John Gill searches for Simple Solutions to Not Simple Problems. Starting at Teradata as an intern while at San Diego State University he developed solutions to assist customers with maintenance of their massively parallel systems. During his eight years at Teradata John has worked on creating new technologies for Data Migration, System Upgrades, and System Elasticity. In 2016 John completed his Master’s Degree in Data Science from University of California San Diego. He now works on Teradata’s Analytic Platform making it simpler for Data Scientists everywhere to use Teradata.

 Hosted by Professor Carlo Zaniolo

Date(s) - Nov 09, 2017
4:15 pm - 5:45 pm


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