Affiliate Program & Membership Overview

The Industrial Affiliate Membership Program serves as a gateway for collaboration between the Computer Science Department and its affiliate partners, so that the partner can engage in all three aspects of the university’s mission: connecting students with the next step beyond school, educating the students, and introducing innovative research results.

Affiliate funds are primarily used to support various student activities including sponsorship of the Grace Hopper Conference, funding of the Outstanding Student Awards, and financing student groups events.

CSAP Red Membership

Undergraduate Recruitment

  • Red tier is focused solely on undergraduate recruiting through CS student groups.
    • Access to career fairs and Hacker Expo is not included.


CSAP Blue Membership

On-campus Recruitment

  • An invitation to join the Honors Mixer Career Fair, which provides direct access to the top CS students, who are members of the CS honor society, Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE).
  • The Computer Science Graduate Student Association provides assistance in contacting graduate students in the areas of interest to the member company and assistance to set up on-site
  • Opportunity to host Tea Times, informal socials for CS graduate students. These events allow for one-on-one interaction between the company representatives and graduate students in a casual setting.

n with Student Groups

  • Exclusive collaboration opportunities with CS undergraduate student groups ACM and UPE to organize

⁃     Info sessions or tech talks
⁃     Hackathons and coding competitions
⁃     Company tours
⁃     End of year barbecue picnic
⁃     On-site interviews
⁃     On-site workshops

  • A resume portfolio of select CS undergraduate students.
  • Member company logo listed on student group websites and t-shirts as a sponsor and in conjunction with any large events the member chooses to
  • Member company announcements included in student newsletters, which reach approximately 1,800 people.

Note: CS Student groups do not collaborate in any way with Non CSAP members. 


An invitation to attend the Computer Science Department’s Jon Postel Distinguished Lecture Series.

Invitation to present one technical talk each year at the department-wide seminar series to highlight the member company’s research and technology. 

Note: Courtesy parking is provided for all events.


The CSAP Blue membership costs $10,000 per annum.


CSAP Gold Membership


In addition to the benefits of the Blue membership, the Gold membership provides the following benefits:

Research Collaboration

  • Close ties with a specified research laboratory or center with regular meetings and visits for exchanges of research problems
  • One industrial visitor within the specified laboratory/center in the Computer Science Department for a period of up to 12 months
  • The visitor is provided with office space and is given full access to our computer facilities, libraries and research laboratories
  • The visitor is entitled to attend all classes and lectures and to freely interact with our faculty and students

Through mutual agreement between the member company and the department, the faculty director of the specified research lab or center is assigned to serve as a liaison for the program. 

Advisory Board

One representative on the Computer Science Department’s advisory board to provide valuable input and feedback regarding UCLA CS education and research directions.

Course Participation

Participation in the undergraduate senior-year project program in which the member company can propose a year-long project for a team of 3-4 students to work on as their senior-year project under the supervision of a faculty advisor.


The CSAP Gold membership costs $50,000 per annum.