Alumni Advisory Board Meeting Oct 22 2009

October 22, 2009
6:30-900 PM
UCLA Faculty Center


Adnan Darwiche, Alfonso Cardenas, Mike Erlinger, Bill Goodin, Andrew Louie, Carey Nachenberg, Frank Pearce, Maria Penedo, Jim Winchester, Ben Zamanzadeh, Alexander Shkapsky, Beayana Grigorian, Sky Lin

Department Update Highlights

  • Adnan Darwish highlighted the departmental achievements and financial conditions for the past year. A copy of PowerPoint presentation will be distributed to the board as soon as I get it.
  • Last freshman open house (April 09) was very successful, attendance and student response was unprecedented.
  • Despite budget cuts and salary cuts, department was able to get %30 increase in research expenditures and hire a new faculty.
  • Department intends to engage undergrads and is working on recruiting top level undergrads.
  • Adnan would like to increase the Affiliate Gold membership and is looking for ideas to expand the reach of such programs.

Student Groups
Two representatives represented the undergraduate CS organizations and one represented the graduate CS student body. Student representatives reviewed an overview of their organizations and also current student projects being undertake by students.

Beayana Grigorian: UPE
Sky Lin: ACM
Alexander Shkapsky: Graduate Students

AAB 2009/2010 Events

  • Career Panel—Lead: Ben Zamanzadeh
  • AAB would like to continue to focus on holding an Entrepreneurial focused event and also coordinate with the Anderson School for publicity.
  • Bill Goodin & Cary to help with identifying potential speakers.
  • Alfonso to finalize the final date.
  • Freshmen Open House—Lead: Nader Karimi (Nader has accepted)
    Bill Gooding has agreed to help out.
  • Lead to reach out to Dick Muntz to coordinate Alumni participation.

Decisions Made
Board approved the Bylaws draft pending recommended corrections and final written vote by the members.
A new board activity was adopted by CS AAB to help organize company tours for the students and student groups.

Action Items

  • Send final AAB bylaw for board approval – Ben (completed)
  • Distribute questioner asking members for ideas to expand Gold membership to CS affiliate program- Adnan
  • Expose student group events to alumni and affiliates to encourage mentoring – Adnan
  • Add student liaison names to the CS AAB web page – Alfonso
  • Notify CS department of student group events – Beayana Grigorian & SKY Lin
  • Set up & coordinate field trips for student groups to visit local companies – Lolo
  • Distribute potential list of activities that AAB members can do to help the department – Andrew
  • Follow up with Nader regarding open-house – Ben (complete)