Alumni Advisory Board Meeting May 10 2011

May 10, 2011
6:30-900 PM
UCLA Faculty Center

UCLA CS Department AAB 2011 Spring Quarter Meeting

Attendees: Bill Goodin, Carey Nachenberg, Sze Ke Pat, John Rosati, David Smallberg, Jim Winchester, Ben Zamanzadeh, Eytan Elbaz, Nader Karimi, Alfonso Cardenas, Milos Ercegovac, Anil Kripalani, Frank Pearce, Jacquelyn Leong, Justin Collins, Wade Norris, Rajiv Makhijani

Department Update
: Milos Ercegovac

– 6 job openings are open for hiring teaching positions

– Currently CS Department has many applicants, 14 selected as finalists

– 3 offers have been made

– Budgets continue to decline

– 7 TA positions are eliminated

Student Representatives

UPE Update : Wade Norris

– Held different events including high school puzzle at Uni-High, visits to Boeing, Northrop & Blizzard

Interview training.

Various Info sessions

ACM Student Update: Rajive Makhiji

– Teaching programming classes has been very popular

– Classes are in Java, HTML, Ruby, etc

– AAB members feel that it is a very important skill needed by students

Graduate Student Rep: Justin Collins

– Organized Mixer with students only

– Organized several “Team Time” events with sponsors

– Gathered volunteers for Open house

– Like companies to sponsor “Team Time” events

– Not sure why previous sponsors did not renew despite positive comments

– Mentoring Programs to focus more on Master Students as they seem to need more help.

Event Update

– Open house event was best the department has done

– It appears that every year it has improved

– Many positive comments from parents that attended

– It was considered to be well organized, very good atmosphere

– Most importantly: Students and parents said that it was much better than Berkley and they feel at UCLA student will get much better attention

– Post meeting got a note from Jens that he is getting ready to invite for the Department Mixer

– Entrepreneurship panel was well advertised, and very successful. Out of 160 RSVPs only 80 people attended.

New board Members candidacy

– Discussed 4 potential candidates

– We will put up the candidates for vote after verification of their interest

– Will fill one position out the 2 candidates that are interested


• Entrepreneurs Panel #1 (Fall) – Jacquelyn Leong
• Entrepreneurs Panel #2 (Spring) – Eytan Elbaz
• Freshman Open House – Jim Winchester
• Mixer Preparation – UPE (Bill to counsel)
• Honors / Affiliate Mixer (Winter) – Frank / Carey
• Affiliate Targeting – Nader / Anil / Milos (2-3 Companies)
• CSD AAB Scholarship –Criteria (GPA, Financial Need…etc.) — Andrew