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Alumni Advisory Board Meeting December 11 2014

Alumni Advisory Board Meeting.

Computer Science Department AAB 2014/2015 Fall Quarter Meeting

Date:    Thursday,
December 11, 2014

Time:  6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Location:  UCLA Faculty Center


Board Members:  James Anhalt, John Busch, Alfonso Cardenas, Eytan Elbaz, Milos Ercegovac, Tim Ford, Bill Goodin, Nader Karimi, Jacquelyn Leong, Andrew Louie, Francis Nickels, Jens Palsberg, Michael Parker, Dorab Patel, Maria Penedo, David Smallberg, Ben Zamanzadeh

Guests:  Leon Alkalai, Mark Chavira, Christina Chu, Petros Efstathopolous, Lorraine Fesq, Laurie Leyden, Cassandra Franklin

Student Leaders:  Robert Chen (CSGSC), Abby Sywe (UPE), Akshay Bakshi


• Introductions

• Alumni Guests

• Student Leaders

• UCLA Update

• Department Update – Jens Palsberg

• Student Group Updates – Presidents of Groups

• ABET Accreditation – Jens Palsberg

• Industrial Affiliates Program – Jens Palsberg

• 2014 / 2015 Activity Planning – Bill Goodin

• Honors – Affiliate Mixer, Tuesday, January 20

• Entrepreneur Panel, late January?

• Freshmen Open House, Sunday, April 12?

• Any Others?

• Other items

Alumni calling into meetings using Skype

Update CS AAB member bios on the CS website

• Board Matters

• Open Board Positions

• Discussion of Potential Candidates