Alumni Advisory Board Meeting Dec 10 2009

December 10, 2009
6:30-900 PM
UCLA Faculty Center


  • Alfonso Cardenas, Jason Cong, Frank Chen, Grace Coopman, Milos Ercegovac, Mike Erlinger, Bill Goodin, Nader Karimi, Anil Kripalani, Andrew Louie, Carey Nachenberg, Nima Nikzad, Frank Pearce, Maria Penedo, John Rosati, Alexander Shkapsky, David Smallberg, JimWinchester, Ben Zamanzadeh

Key Messages

  • Department Updates
    • A hard copy of a CS Department Report was sent out to a mailing list of approximately 5000 Computer Science Department Alumni. (Was it a hard copy? Or was the link e-mailed?) The report provides an annual summary of activities and highlights within the CS department. The electronic version of the annual report can be found here.
    • Jason Cong highlighted some of the departmental and achievements for the year from the report:
      • Len Kleinrock received the 2007 National Medal of Science and Paul Baran received the 2007 National Medal of Technology.
      • UCLA formed the Wireless Health Institute, which is interdisciplinary and campus wide.
      • Two new faculty members were selected for joint appointments with the Computer Science Department.
      • The department now has 20 Industrial Affiliate members.
    • From a 2009 outlook perspective, the current economic climate does put the State, University and Department in a tough position. There are significant budget cuts anticipated, which the department is currently working through. The Affiliate program provides the department with some buffer, but will not cover the over impact of the budget reductions.
  • Student Groups
    • Two representatives were invited to represent the undergraduate CS organizations and one to represent the graduate CS student body with the goal of offering a student perspective to AAB activities and also have the AAB members offer guidance to areas that the student organizations may require. Each of the representatives in attendance reviewed an overview of their organizations and also current student projects being undertaken. David Smallberg acted as proxy for Frank Chen to discuss UPE.
  • AAB 2008/2009 Events
    • Career Panel—Lead: Anil Kripilani
      • Recapped desire from the Spring Quarter meeting to conduct the Career Panel discussion. Alfonso is working with Anil to finalize date for the meeting. Would like to continue to focus on holding an Entrepreneurial focused event and also coordinate with the Anderson School for publicity.
      • A couple of potential candidates were identified by the group to be Career Panelists. Bill Goodin identified a UCLA graduate that founded an iPhone Game Company. Jeff Lawrence, a founder of Trillium was also identified. It was also identified that Grace Coopman can run a report to help look for other potential candidates.
      • Anil will be following up with Carey for knowledge transfer and with Alfonso to finalize a meeting date.
    • Freshmen Open House—Lead: Ben Zamanzadeh
      • Date scheduled for April 4th. Ben to reach out to Dick Muntz to coordinate Alumni participation.
    • Resume / Interview Skills Discussion
      • Graduate student feedback is that this activity may not be fully valuable to PhD candidates, as many students have research jobs lined up and others are moving into University positions. It may be more valuable to Master’s students and undergraduates.
      • Undergraduate resume / Interview Skills activity was a joint activity run by undergraduate clubs has been valuable in the past, but hasn’t been organized in the last couple of years.
      • Nimad and Alex will poll the students on importance of this workshop and if the students will be organizing it, they will coordinate back with the AAB for participation.
    • CS Department Alumni Event
      • Discussed Jason’s idea for hosting a CS Department Alumni Event at a company this year. Next step would be that if a company is interested, this information should be provided to Jason and they can begin planning.


Decisions Made

  • The AAB would like to have twoadditional meetings this school year. Winter and Spring Quartermeetings. Will be targeting a shorter Winter quarter meeting perhapsover lunch.
  • 2009 Career Panel will again befocused on Entrepreneurial Experiences and jointly marketed to theAnderson School and CS Department.
  • CSD will not host a separateIndustry Board in addition to the AAB. Jason Cong to considerhosting an Industrial Affiliate Board with the Gold members once or twicea year and potentially having one of these meetings to coincide with oneof the AAB meetings.

Action Items

  • Distribute Meeting Minutes. –Andrew (Completed)
  • Jason Cong and Nader Karimi tomeet regarding Industrial Affiliate Program and marketing it to 12Entertainment CIOs. – Nader Karimi, Jason Cong
  • Review Mission Statement on AABWebsite. – All
  • Send Jason Cong mailing addressif you haven’t received the CSD Annual Report. – All
  • Send Jason Cong information onCSD Alumni that receive awards that should be highlighted in a futureAnnual Report. – All
  • Review potential need forMarketing Material to help market the CS Department. – Nader Karimi
  • Jason Cong and Andrew Louie todiscuss UCLA Data Center Research. – Andrew Louie, Jason Cong
  • Student Representatives totouch base with Professor Muntz about re-organizing Town Hall (I am notclear on what this action was?) – Nimad Nikzad, Frank Chen, Alex Shkapsky
  • Engage Carey Nachenberg forknowledge transfer of Career Panel Planning. – Anil Kripilani
  • Finalize Career Panel Date withAlfonso and work to identify Career Panel Candidates and plan event. –Anil Kripilani
  • Poll Students on importance ofResume / Interview Workshop and engage AAB if participation necessary. –Alex Shkapsky / Nimad Nikzad
  • Debrief with Anil Kripilani forknowledge transfer of Freshmen Open House and engage Dick Muntz to beginplanning. – Ben Zamanzadeh
  • Review possibility of hostingCIO event at UCLA or having Jason Cong be a guest speaker. – Nader Karimi
  • Engage Jason Cong if you have acompany interested in hosting the CSD Alumni Event. – All
  • Distribute Freshmen Open HouseFlyer to Group. –Nader Karimi (Completed)