ACM at UCLA is one of 700 chapters of ACM in the world. Every year ACM honors 5 chapters for 5 different awards, one being the Student Chapter Excellence Award for Outstanding Chapter Website given to the chapter of ACM with an exceptionally outstanding website. ACM at UCLA’s website can be found at this url: 

ACM at UCLA’s website stands out for being completely open source, accessible, beautifully designed and informative. The UCLA chapter believes that not only does open-source software benefit other people interested in making a website, but it also benefits the coding community at large. There have been cases of when people not affiliated with ACM at UCLA have contributed to the club’s code and improved certain aspects of its website. Their github:

“Accessibility is a value that we ingrain into everything we do at ACM, including website development,” Ava Asmani, ACM President said. “We use alt-text, ensure our displays are color-blind accessible and more. ACM’s wonderful design team has spent lots of time creating our ‘brand’ by making our own graphics, design guides and even our own font. The diligent work of the design team has led to the beautiful and coherent graphics of our website. We understand the power of our website to inform UCLA students and others about ACM and thus created various mediums to keep our general members up-to-date with our operations. This includes a frequently-updated events calendar and a membership portal.”

The top 11 contributors to ACM at UCLA’s website (in order) are Matthew Wang ’22, Evan Zhong ’23, Advaith Gowrishetty ’24, Nhi Van ’22, Nikhil Kansal ’18, William Chern ’22, Alexander Chen ’20, Howard Wang ’21, Tanaya Nawathe ’24, Dylon Tjanaka ’22, Matthew Nieva ’24.