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Our congratulations to Professor Jason Cong and former UCLA student Yuzheng Ding!  Their 1994 paper was the first to be selected for induction into the 2017 TCFPGA Hall of Fame.

The induction endorsement reads, in part: “This paper represents pioneering work in the area of technology mapping for FPGAs and presents a theoretical breakthrough by solving the LUT-based technology mapping problem for depth minimization optimally in polynomial time.” It concludes by noting: “This paper also serves as a great reference material and tutorial for students and industry professionals who are interested in learning about FPGA technology mapping and design implementation.”

The ACM SIGNA Technical Committee on FPGAs and reconfigurable computing was formed to promote that increasingly significant technical community.  This includes encouraging and highlighting research in the community to the larger ACM and technical world; providing guidance to new researchers entering the community; and facilitating community self-governance, including identifying directions for the field.

The TCFPGA Hall of Fame is an ongoing and sustainable mechanism to recognize the most significant contributions to the field of FPGAs and reconfigurable computing.