Several UCLA Computer Science researchers were recognized at the ACM/SIGDA International Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays 2022. Two papers were inducted into the FPGA and Reconfigurable Computing Hall of Fame: “An Efficient and Versatile Scheduling Algorithm Based on SDC Formulation,” authored by Jason Cong and Zhiru Zhang, and “FCUDA: Enabling efficient compilation of CUDA kernels onto FPGAs,” authored by Alexandros Papakonstantinou, Karthik Gururaj, John A. Stratton, Deming Chen, Jason Cong, and Wen-Mei.

Only one paper received the Best Paper Award. The paper, “RapidStream: Parallel Physical Implementation of FPGA HLS Designs,” was co-authored by several UCLA researchers, including Licheng Guo, Jie Wang, Yuze Chi, Weikang Quao, and Jason Cong. Pongstorn Maidee (Xilinix), Yun Zhou (Ghent University), Chris Lavin (Xilinix), Alireza Kaviani (Xilinix), and Zhiru Zhang (Cornell) also co-authored the paper.