Congratulations to CS Professor Mario Gerla and Chuchu Wu of Comcast in Philadelphia for winning the best paper award in 2017 for Vehicle Communication Journal.

Their paper, coauthored with Giovanni Pau of UMPC and Xiaoqing Zhu of Cisco Systems, is titled “Content distribution in VANETs” and discusses the distribution of content, including files of general interest and real time video stream such as soccer game streams, news updates to vehicles.

The proposed scheme by Gerla and his coauthors uses LTE + DSRC Road Side Units APs. The scheme achieves scalability by offloading the distribution of content from LTE to Peer to Peer communications Bit Torrent style, using vehicle to vehicle (V2V) channels, with performance enhanced by Network Coding and by the use of incentives.

Gerla has been conducting research in the field for vehicular communication since 2002 and his research in the long-term could potentially  influence the adoption of V2V radios in cars.

The paper can be found in full here.

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