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Teaching Apprenticeships TA-ships

Teaching apprenticeships (TA-ships) are available on a limited basis depending on enrollment in undergraduate courses and budgetary considerations in the university, school of engineering, and department. To be eligible for a TA-ship, students must meet the following requirements:

CS PH.D. DEGREE OBJECTIVE: Only PhD students are considered for TA-ships. They are required to satisfy a teaching requirement (at least one quarter) as part of their departmental Ph.D. degree requirements, or provide documentation of equivalent experience.

CS495: TEACHING ASSISTANT TRAINING SEMINAR: Graduate students must pass CS495: Teaching Assistant Training Seminar to be eligible for TA-ships. In rare instance, with prior approval, the class may be taken concurrently with the first TA-ship. The class is offered each year only during fall quarter. An equivalent teaching training seminar may be acceptable, and prior teaching experience may fulfill the Ph.D. teaching requirement. Students should contact Prof. Richard Korf, vice-chair for graduate programs, at, if they believe that have taken an equivalent seminar or have equivalent teaching experience.

FULL-TIME ENROLLMENT: TAs must be registered and enrolled in a minimum of 12 units by the end of the third week of the quarter of their appointment or their benefits (fee remissions and health insurance) will be cancelled.

GRADE POINT AVERAGE: TAs must have at least a 3.25 GPA at the time of their employment.

TEST OF ORAL PROFICIENCY (TOP) – INTERNATIONAL AND PERMANENT RESIDENT STUDENTS ONLY: The university requires that international students and permanent residents take the TEST OF ORAL PROFICIENCY (TOP) and earn a provisional passing score (6.4 – 7.0) to become eligible to be a TA. The Computer Science department has a higher standard, requiring students to earn a clear passing score of 7.1 or higher. CS students who receive a non-passing score (0.0 – 6.3) may register on their own to re-take the exam. CS students who receive a provisional passing score (6.4 – 7.0) must enroll in an ESL oral
skills course, and then re-take the exam as part of a special exam session arranged by the CS Graduate Student Affairs Office. More information about the TOP is available at

Applications for TA-ships are emailed to all Ph.D. students in April each year with an application deadline in early May. In early June, all applicants are notified whether or not they have received a tentative assignment for the next academic school year. In addition to the general requirements outlined above, TA assignments are determined by instructor preferences, advancement to candidacy, academic standing, student qualifications, funding obligations, and student preferences/qualifications/experience.

In addition to a salary, students who are assigned a TA-ship of 25% or higher, also receive paid benefits including health insurance, resident tuition, and
remissible fees. Information on fee remission benefits for TAs is available at

Fee remissions do not cover all graduate student fees. It is the responsibility of graduate students to ensure that those additional fees (non-remissible fees),
approximately $130.00 per quarter, are paid by the applicable Graduate Program Deadlines.