Ph.D. student Aishwarya Sivaraman received a 2021 Google Ph.D. Fellowship. The Google Ph.D. Fellowship program was created to recognize outstanding graduate students doing exceptional and innovative research in areas relevant to computer science and related fields.
Aishwarya Sivaraman is a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science department. Her research develops novel approaches to help programmers obtain strong correctness guarantees for their software, both for general and targeted at specific application domains. For example, in a recent result, Aishwarya and her collaborators showed how to automatically ensure that a learned neural network is monotonic in certain features. Monotonic is a natural requirement (e.g., the more income a person has, the higher the loan amount they can receive). A key idea underlying Aishwarya‘s techniques is to synergistically combine deductive reasoning, which considers the logical structure of software, with data-driven reasoning, which learns properties of software from concrete executions. Professor Todd Millstein advises Aishwarya
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