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Sheila Greibach

Sheila GreibachSHEILA GREIBACH, Emeritus Professor
UCLA Computer Science Department
3731D Boelter Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1596
tel: (310) 825-1617, fax: (310) 825-2273

Areas of Interest

  • Theoretical computer science
  • Computational complexity
  • Program schemes and semantics
  • Formal language
  • Automata
  • Computability


Dr. Greibach was born in New York City and received the A.B. degree from Radcliffe College in Linguistics and Applied Mathematics summa cum laude in 1960. She received the A.M. degree from Radcliffe in 1962 and the Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University in 1963. She served on the faculty of the Harvard Division of Engineering and Applied Physics and joined the UCLA Faculty in 1969 and the Computer Science Department in 1970. Her interests include algorithms and computational complexity, program schemes and semantics, formal languages and automata theory and computability.