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Secure Remote Login

The departmental remote login servers support the ssh2 protocol.
Recommended SSH Client software:

  • MacOS X
    • Use SSH in terminal
  • Windows 7/8.1/10
    • Install’s client software (licensed for educational use – includes GUI for file transfer) or PuTTY(Open source license)
    • Or download WinSCP, a free GUI client for file transfers
  • LINUX or other UNIX
    • Install openssh (Use sftp or scp for file transfers)

Email Settings:

  • E-Mail access
    • MS-Outlook/Outlook Express: enable secure option for POP or IMAP
    • Mozilla mail, Thunderbird: enable SSL option for POP or IMAP
    • Macintosh Apple Mail/ Entourage: enable SSL option for POP or IMAP

Problems and suggestions:

Updated: Oct-2018