Professor Sriram Sankararaman has been invited to the National Academy of Engineering’s 2022 China-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium.

“NAE convenes an annual US Frontiers of Engineering symposium that brings together 100 highly accomplished early-career engineers from US universities, companies, and government to discuss leading-edge research and technical work across a range of engineering fields. Convening engineers from disparate fields and challenging them to think about developments and problems at the frontiers of areas different from their own can lead to a variety of desirable results. These include collaborative work, the transfer of new techniques and approaches across fields, and establishment of contacts among the next generation of leaders in engineering. The Frontiers program has expanded to include bilateral meetings with Germany, Japan, China, and the EU. Our objectives for the bilateral meetings are similar to those for the US Frontiers of Engineering with the added element of facilitating international cooperation and understanding.”