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MS Breadth Requirement

M.S. students must complete the computer science breadth requirements by the end of their 1styear (3rd quarter) of enrollment at UCLA. Students may submit the breadth requirement form to the CS Graduate Student Affairs Office with coursework in progress, or planned for the subsequent quarter. The office staff will verify the grade/s at the end of the quarter.

The requirement is satisfied by mastering the contents of five undergraduate courses: Computer Science 180, two courses from 111, 118, and M151B, one course from 130, 131, or 132, and one course from 143, 161, or 174A. Students may select one or more of the following methods to meet the requirements for the 5 upper-division undergraduate courses:

  • UCLA COURSE: Take the required UCLA course and receive a grade of B-or better. Indicate academic term of course completion and grade received. (CS Graduate Student Affairs Office staff will verify grades.)
  • EXAM: The certifying instructor waives the need to take the course based on one or more exams,typically the midterm and final exam for the course offered at UCLA. Thecertifying instructor must sign the breadth requirement form to Verify completion of the course requirement.
  • EQUIVALENT COURSE: Apply an equivalent course taken at another college/university in which a grade of B-minus or better was earned. Indicate:
    • Institution
    • Course name and number
    • Grade received (CS Graduate Student Affairs Office staff will verify grades on transcripts.)
    • Signature of instructor certifying equivalence.
    • The Breadth Requirements form and instructions are available at here.

The Computer Science course descriptions are available at:

Tentative schedules of classes are available at: