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MS Progress Requirements And Time To Degree

To maintain satisfactory academic progress, M.S. students must reach the milestones as established in the degree requirements outlined above, namely:

  • Breadth Requirement: End of 1st year (3rd quarter)
  • Program of Study: End of 1st quarter
  • Petition for ATC: 2nd week of quarter the comprehensive examination or thesis is being submitted

The maximum time to satisfactorily complete all M.S. requirements is 2years or 6 quarters. Each quarter, the HSSEAS Dean’s Office evaluates the academic progress of all M.S. students.The majority of students are making satisfactory academic progress. Students not making satisfactory academic progress are notified and given corrective steps and time frames which will enable them to attain satisfactory academic progress.

Students who fail to meet requirements may be recommended for termination of graduate study. Graduate students may be disqualified from continuing in the graduate program for a variety of reasons. The most common is failure to maintain the minimum cumulative grade point average (3.00) required by the Academic Senate to remain in good standing. Other examples include failure of examinations, lack of timely progress toward the degree, and poor performance in core courses. Probationary students (those with cumulative grade point averages below 3.00) are subject to immediate dismissal upon the recommendation of their department. University guidelines governing termination of graduate students, including the appeal procedure, are outlined in Standards and Procedures for Graduate Study at UCLA. In addition to the standard reasons noted above, M.S. students may be recommended for termination for the following:

  • Failure to maintain satisfactory progress toward the degree within the two-year time limit for completing all degree requirements.
  • Failure to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 in all courses and in those in the 200 series.
  • Failure to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 in any two consecutive terms.
  • Failure of the comprehensive examination.
  • Failure to complete the thesis to the satisfaction of the committee members.
  • Failure to satisfy the Computer Science breadth requirement.