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John J. Rosati


John J. Rosati

Founder and Managing Director THR Associates
P.O. Box 24547 
Los Angeles, CA 90024 

Mr. Rosati is a Managing Director of THR Associates, a specialized boutique management consulting firm focused on supporting CEOs, Board of Directors and Investors in assessing opportunities and challenges created by innovation and the rapid technological changes in today’s marketplace. Mr. Rosati specializes in technology management, technology transfer, technology conversion and technology commercialization. He provides leadership and guidance in the performance of the appropriate technical, financial and commercial due-diligence; the formulation of business development strategies; and development of the required business plans. 

Mr. Rosati is a retired Senior Executive with TRW Electronics and Defense with an aggregate 28 years of experience in directing advanced technology initiatives in information systems, data base management systems, local area networks, human machine interface systems, computer security, knowledge engineering, parallel processing, artificial intelligence and artificial neural systems. 

Since his retirement from TRW  Mr. Rosati has served as an officer and director of  five companies in the high technology, professional services and investment banking sectors. He has also served as a consultant and advisor to government, educational, industrial and commercial organizations both domestic and international. 

At TRW Electronics and Defense, serving concurrently as the Advanced Technology Manager for the Systems Development Division and as the Director of Advanced Technology for the TRW Global Change Initiative, Mr. Rosati  led the research and development of advanced technology products and the development of new business acquisition strategies. Earlier in his career at TRW, Mr. Rosati planned, organized and managed the operations of three large, functional, high-technology organizations: the Information Systems Laboratory (ISL), the Systems Test Laboratory (STL), and the Minicomputer and Information Technology Laboratory(MITL).

Previously, at TRW, Mr. Rosati was the Manager of South American Operations for TRW Systems International, Inc (TRWSI). As the senior TRW executive, he established, managed and directed the company’s operations and led all business development, marketing and sales activities to industrial and governmental organizations in Venezuela and Brazil. 

Earlier in his career, Mr. Rosati was President, Chief Executive Officer, Director and a Founder of Applied Computer Technology, Inc., a start-up company in the software field. 

Prior to the founding of ACT, Mr. Rosati was Supervisor of Technical Management Operations for the Titan III Program Office at the Aerospace Corporation. Previously he was Project Engineer for Ground Support Equipment at the Missiles and Space Division of Douglas Aircraft Corporation.

Mr. Rosati has served on the Board of Directors of Advanced Sciences, Inc. (ASI); Applied Computer Technology Corporation (ACT); Bainbridge Technology Group, Ltd. (BTGL); Glenwood L. Garvey and Associates (GLGA); Technical Marketing Society of America (TMSA); iVille International, Inc. (iVille); Oregon Advanced Sciences and Technology Institute (ASTI); Sentio Corporation (Sentio); TELEMAC Cellular Corporation (TELEMAC); the National Science Foundation’s National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA). He has also served on the Board of Trustees of  the Automatic Meter Reading Association (AMRA); and the UCLA Foundation. 

Over the years Mr, Rosati has been a frequent speaker and lecturer at seminars and conferences sponsored by professional associations, universities and the United Nations. He has authored several texts and articles and since 1964 he has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in computer science, management, management science and business administration at West Coast University and extension courses in computer science, systems engineering, systems management, program management and technical management at UCLA.

A graduate of UCLA, Mr. Rosati’s connection and service with UCLA has continued over the years where he has served in the following capacities: Board of Trustees UCLA Foundation; Board of Councillors UCLA Foundation; Alumni Advisory Board Computer Science Department; Chairman, Physics Advisory Council ; Chairman, Cognitive Science Advisory Council; Center for Computable Economics Advisor Council; Advisory Board College of Letters and Science; Advisory Council Earth and Space Sciences; Advisory Council Atmospheric Sciences; Provost’s Circle College of Letters and Science, Sustaining Member Chancellor’s Associates; and Life Member UCLA Alumni Association.

Mr. Rosati is a Life Member of the Air Force Association and of the American Defense Preparedness Association. In addition, he is a Member of the Association of Old Crows; the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.