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Individual Studies Classes

Studies Classes are offered for variable units and may be used to satisfy the
minimum 12-unit course work requirement each quarter. Students must enroll for
the course number that corresponds to their faculty advisor. By enrolling in
these courses, students agree to meet with their academic advisor during the
quarter. Students select the appropriate course according to their program of
CS 298: Research Seminar: Computer Science (2-4 units). S/U grading.
CS 596: Directed Individual or Tutorial Studies (1-8 units). S/U grading.

CS 597a: Preparation for MS Comprehensive Exam (2-12 units). S/U grading.
CS 598: Research for and Preparation of MS Thesis (2-12 units). S/U grading.

CS 597b: Preparation for PhD Preliminary Exams (2-16 units). S/U grading.
CS 597c: Preparation for PhD Oral Qualifying Exam (2-16 units). S/U grading.
CS 599: Research for and Preparation of PhD Thesis (2-16 units). S/U grading

To register for an Individual Studies Class, follow these 5 Steps:

1) Talk to your advisor to determine:

Which course(s) (if any) to enroll in
How many units to enroll for
What work must be done for a satisfactory grade
When work is due

2) Log on to MyUCLA

3) Select “Find a Class to Enroll”

4) On the following page, click Checkbox 2 and select “Computer Science”

5) Below that, change the view type to “Graduate Individual Classes”

Hit submit, and you will see the course selection.

By the end of the quarter, meet with your advisor to report on your progress.