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Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors assist
students with planning their course of study and answering questions concerning
courses, course materials, and research in their area of interest. It is
important that students meet with their faculty advisors regularly throughout
their graduate studies at UCLA.

PH.D. STUDENTS: Ph. D students are assigned advisors upon
admission to the Computer Science Department.

M.S. STUDENTS: M.S. students are
assigned an initial faculty advisor, but are expected to find a permanent
faculty advisor by end of the second quarter, and no later than the third
quarter. Once M.S. students have selected a permanent faculty advisor, they
must complete the Advisor Consent Form  (for MS

may change their faculty advisor if the proposed faculty advisor is willing to
supervise the academic work and research. Students must submit a Petition for Change of Advisor to the CS Graduate Student Affairs Office to signify the change.