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Speaker: Kathleen Nichols
Affiliation: Pollere Inc.

ABSTRACT: Network diagnostics using passive packet header monitoring are becoming popular but current approaches deliver only a fraction of the wealth of information available and impose severe constraints on how much can be monitored and where. Pollere has developed passive diagnostics that mine critical transport performance measures (RTT, delay, delay variation, throughput, loss) from uni- or bi-directional packet header samples taken anywhere in the network. The most mature work does path segment delay characterization but I will show other performance measures and discuss issues with extracting this information while analyzing it in real time. Extracting critical infrastructure information from a packet header network tap is both promising and wide open for improvement and innovation. I’ll discuss Pollere’s approach thus far and illustrate with some analysis of the detailed traffic behavior of different video providers to make the ideas concrete. BIO: Kathleen Nichols got a PhD in EECS from UC Berkeley a very long time ago. While analyzing data-over-cable architectures, she got interested in IP networking. Since then, she worked on AQM (twice!), on Differentiated Services, quality of service for a military satellite IP network, and was privileged to manage some really smart people doing some interesting networking work. Through it all, she has remained interested in network performance, that is, how do we know if our bright ideas are really working? Just over ten years ago she started Pollere to avoid ever having to sit through another HR orientation.

Hosted by Professor Lixia Zhang

REFRESHMENTS at 3:45 pm, SPEAKER at 4:15 pm

Date(s) - May 25, 2017
4:15 pm - 5:45 pm


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