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Enrollment And Courses

As noted in the Standards and Procedures for
Graduate Study at UCLA
, unless granted a formal leave of absence, graduate students are expected to register
every term, including the term in which their degree is to be awarded. A student must be registered in order to take any University examination with the exception of those that are permitted by payment of the Filing Fee (master’s comprehensive exam or doctoral final defense.) Students must be registered during the regular academic quarter when they take the written and oral qualifying examinations for the doctorate. To be eligible to take such examinations in the summer, the student must have been registered in the immediately preceding Spring term.

Three regular courses (or 12 units) per term are considered the normal enrollment for graduate students. All computer science graduate students must be enrolled in at least 12
units each regular quarter (Fall, Winter, and Spring) to maintain full-time student status.
Students are responsible
for checking their study list on MyUCLA prior to the third week of
classes to ensure that they have enrolled in the sufficient number of units and the correct courses. CS students are subject to dismissal from the program if not enrolled full-time, on leave of absence, or on filing fee status.

Enrollment appointments are published on the Registrar’s
 webpage at:

Enrollment in upper-division undergrad courses (100-level courses) begin after the date of the “Second Pass”. (Students may override warnings about unmet prerequisite courses by clicking the box below the prompt.)

Individual Studies Classes are offered for variable units and may be used to satisfy the minimum 12-unit course work requirement each quarter. Enrollment must be pre-approved by students’ faculty advisors.

Additional University and Graduate Program Deadlines can be found online at:

Graduate Program Deadlines