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Don Calhoun


Dr. Don Calhoun

Financial and Trust Manager, 1997-Present
Formerly, Executive Director, Hughes Electronics 


Executive Management Program, UCLA 1985
PhD, Engineering, UCLA, 1970
MS, Engineering, UCLA, 1966
BSEE, Stanford University, 1964


After completing 33 years in engineering and management at Hughes Aircraft Company, Dr. Calhoun established a career in financial planning, specializing in estate planning and the management of trusts. Dr. Calhoun had pursued interest in these areas prior to his retirement, and has since become a CTEC Registered Tax Preparer and has completed five College for Financial Planning courses. He performs both the investment and tax management of several private trusts, and has continued to participate in advisory roles for alumni and academic programs at UCLA, Harvey Mudd, and Stanford University.

From 1993-1997, Dr. Calhoun was Executive Director of Hughes Electronics’ Processing Systems & Technology Network (PSTN) that led the development and sharing of advanced technologies for Hughes’ signal and data processing systems. Also, as Chief Process Engineer he led efforts in Radar and Communications Systems (RCS) to define, deploy, and improve common team-based product development processes used throughout the Company. He also represented PSTN and RCS on the Corporate Scientific Education, Fellowship, and University Grant Committees.

From 1980 through 1992, Dr. Calhoun managed engineering laboratories at Hughes’ Ground Systems Group (GSG) in the development of advanced communications systems and electronic units that were used in various command and control systems. Over 50 high density VLSI circuits were developed using special corporate alliances for CAD tools and wafer fabrication that he negotiated with major suppliers. He also led the Concurrent Engineering Future Process Team to implement improved engineering processes, multidiscipline teams, and integrated information systems. Dr. Calhoun was Chairman of the Corporate VLSI CAD Users Group and the Corporate LSI Committee, and he was a member of the Concurrent Engineering Executive Council and the Information Technology Architecture Team. 

From 1977 through 1980, Dr. Calhoun managed a Semiconductor Product Line with design, test, and manufacturing responsibility for programs using CMOS and bipolar integrated circuits. Also, as Assistant Director of Technology for the Industrial Electronics Group, he led R&D programs for various advanced microelectronics.

Prior to 1977, Dr. Calhoun was responsible for the development of the AN/UYK-30 (industry’s first military microcomputer) and its application into many Defense programs. He also led several R&D projects in data and signal processor design, LSI circuit design including the patented Pad Relocation Full Wafer LSI technology, design for built-in-test, and CAD software development. Earlier, he performed logic and circuit design for Syncom satellite electronics, software development for real-time Phoenix Missile System simulation, logic and subsystem design of a TOW Missile System training aid, and circuit design of LSI components that were used in several DoD contracts.


Ten total: 6 in Full Wafer Large Scale Integrated Circuits, 2 in Test Techniques, and 2 in Signal Processor Design.


Authored 13 papers in LSI Technology, Built-in Test, Digital Processor Architecture, and Computer Aided Design.

Activities & Honors:

Howard Hughes Staff Doctoral Fellowship, Hughes Master’s Fellowship, and two Stanford Academic Scholarships. IEEE Circuits and Systems Education Officer, 1985-89. GSG Superior Performance Award in 1984, and GSG Patent Award in 1986. UCLA Executive Management Program in 1985 and the Hughes Aircraft Co, Line Managers Program in 1991. Eta Kappa Nu Lifetime Honoree in 1992 and the recipient of UCLA Computer Science Department’s first Outstanding Alumnus Award in 1994.