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What Is DCF?

The Computer Science Department provides a number of shared computing resources for the various research and instructional activities of the department. Serving the many diverse areas across the computer science spectrum, the facility provides networking, disk storage and backup, general-purpose timesharing access to multiuser systems, email, and workstation support. The total computing resources of the Department are much greater than this central core; focused research groups have many machines not listed here, but connected to the departmental LAN.

The department’s central facilities are for the support of research, and are open to graduate students, faculty and staff. This facility is based upon Sun servers running Solaris, Linux servers, with sharing of file systems provided via NFS. All user’s directories are stored on a RAID system. The departmental LAN is based on Ethernet and TCP/IP. Aside from the central servers, hosts on the LAN include more than 500 workstations and personal computers.

The computing faciltiy also manages various computing laboratories: among them are a graduate student workstation room with workstations from Sun, PC’s from Dell and Apple. The facility also manages several undergraduate computer architecture laboratories.

The LAN is implemented with a gigabit backbone and 10/100/1000 autosensing switched connections to the desktop. Additionally, the departmental network is connected to the UCLA campus backbone via a gigabit connection. There is also a 802.11b/g/n wireless network available throughout the department. The CSD network is closely linked to the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science network (SEASnet) that includes IBM servers and workstations, and PC-based labs, supporting classes and giving access to undergraduate students.

Department networking costs are calculated on the basis of $124 per month for each person connected via the Computer Science Department’s network.

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