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Curricular Practical Training CPT

Practical Training (CPT) is a work authorization that allows students with an
F-1 visa  to engage in an
off-campus academic internship that is a required or that is an integral part of their academic curriculum.

CPT Requirements

Summer CPT CPT During Academic Year
Students who
have not ATC
  • Enroll in 1 unit of 596
  • FT/PT eligible
  • Enroll in 1 unit of 596
  • P/T only
Students who
have ATC
  • 596 NOT required
  • Submit letter from CS Graduate Student Affairs Office (a letter written by the faculty advisor is NOT acceptable)*
  • 596 NOT required
  • F/T eligible
  • Must be enrolled full time

*Students who have ATC must submit to the CS Graduate Student Affairs Office an offer that indicates the following: 1) whether employment is full or part-time; 2) the work site address; and 3) beginning and ending employment dates.
The CPT guidelines and application are available at: