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Computer Account Information

Bruin OnLine (BOL)
Bruin OnLine (BOL) is a collection of services that provides UCLA students, faculty, and staff with:
Network Connectivity, including Wireless
Free Software and Support
In order to have access to BOL services, students must have a UCLA Logon ID. Students can create their UCLA Logon ID at:

In addition to establishing a BOL account, students must set up a CS Account, which serves as the official communication link between students and the CS department.

CS Account
Faculty and staff primarily communicate with students through email. The CS account serves as the official communication link between CS students and the department. Accordingly, it is important that students check their email regularly for important deadlines, notices, and announcements. Not all messages may apply to everyone so it is important to pay attention to the subject line. To apply for a departmental computer account, students should read the CS Computer Account Policy and consult the Graduate Advisor for the account signup link. Faculty, staff, and others should consult the CS human resources manager.

Students with a CS email account may subscribe to the CS jobs listserv by visiting:

SEASnet Computer Systems User Account
• Register online at:
• Allow one day for processing, then visit the SEASnet Lab at 2684 Boelter Hall to complete registration
• See website for eligibility information at: SEASnet Accounts