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Board Meeting 06062013

Alumni Advisory Board Meeting.

UCLA Computer Science Alumni AdvisoryBoard

Subject: 2012/2013 CS AAB spring meeting minutes

Date: June 6, 2013

Location: 6764 Boelter Hall

Attendees: James Anhalt, Alfonso Cardenas, Milos Ercegovac, Tim Ford, Bill Goodin, Nader Karimi, Jacquelyn Leong, Jens Palsberg, Sze Ki Pat, Lolo Penedo, Michael Parker, David Smallberg, Jim Winchester, Ben Zamanzadeh, Laurie Leyden, Karissa Grasty, Dorab Patel (guest), Casey Patton (UPE), Nick Van Hoogenstyn (ACM), Preston Chan (UPE), Robert Chen (CSGSC)

Department Updates

– Department Chair Jens Palsberg

● Number of applicants continues to increase yearly.

○ Admission rate went from 25% of all applicants in 2009 to 13% of all applicants in 2013.

○ 577 admissions offered, 116 enrolled.

● Two faculty positions open

○ Non-competitive salary in comparison with industry could pose a challenge to fill the available positions

● Game programming class will be offered next spring

○ The goal is to co-offer a class with the arts/ media school students for game development

● New engineering building

○ E6 approved phase 1 in progress

○ E6 phase 2 in planning

Student Groups Updates


● Tea Time with Industry in spring quarter had less industry participation

● Received $1000 gift from Google


● Record high induction this spring

● Hosted CS31 review session


● Offered several one-hour intro classes, e.g. AWS, Git, HTML/CSS

2012/2013 Activities Review

Affiliate Mixer in January

● Offered career fair and mixer; good turnout

● Improvement idea:

○ Earlier in the school year would help attract students for internships

○ Hold in October or on Engineering and Technical Career Fair day

Entrepreneur panel in January

● Four speakers with lots of interactions

Open House in April

● Alumni phone calls to admitted high school students made big impact on open house attendance

● Great alumni turnout

● Carey Nachenberg’s speech generated great positive feedback

2013/2014 Event Planning

Affiliate Mixer

● Consider holding it during Fall quarter; planning should start in summer