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Alumni Advisory Board Meeting November 12 2013

Alumni Advisory Board Meeting.

Computer Science Department

Advisory Board Fall 2013 Meeting

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


UCLA Faculty Center


Board Members: James Anhalt, John Busch, Alfonso
Cardenas, Milos Ercegovac, Tim Ford, Bill Goodin, Andrew Louie, Jens Palsberg,
Michael Parker, Sze Ki Pat, John Rosati, Ben Zamanzadeh

Guests: Dorab Patel, Laurie Leyden

Student Leaders: Robert Chen (CSGSC), Preston Chan

Department Update
– Jens Palsberg, Chair

Department has eight open faculty positions.

Plan to offer admission to 13 percent of students who
apply for fall (approx.. 600); Anticipate that 20 percent of them will actually
enroll (approx.. 120)

Game Programming course has started with Sam Stokes from
Microsoft as the instructor.

There is a net flow of students from other engineering
majors to CS.  Solution may be to admit
fewer high school and community college students to CS.

Can UCLA do more online courses (MSOL) to offset current
space limitations?  Perhaps, but not sure
if the system can scale up.

Student group

UPE: Many activities (company infosessions, tutoring,
etc.), 50 candidates

CSGSC: Wants to consider a graduate poster session for industry


Should CS do a separate research review as in previous

Should CS hold an alumni reunion? – Interest within

Consider putting PhD student presentations on UCLA
YouTube channel

Upcoming events:

Honors Affiliate Mixer, mid-January, informal discussions
between students and company representatives.

Entrepreneur Panel, late January, venture capitalist,
attorney, investment banker – John Rosati has contacts; will ask Eytan to serve
as organizer and moderator again.

Open House/Phone Calls to admitted students, April – 16
alumni to call five students each

Board membership:

Dorab Patel elected to the Board