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Alumni Advisory Board Meeting May 24 2016

UCLA Computer Science Department

Alumni Advisory Board

Spring 2016 Meeting

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


UCLA Faculty Center


Board Members: James Anhalt, Lorraine Fesq, Bill Goodin, Andrew Louie, Francis Nickels, Dorab Patel, Lolo Penedo, Ning Ning Yu, Ben Zamanzadeh

Guests: Lorenz Verzosa, Roderick Son, Mario Gerla, Richard Korf, Laurie Leyden

Student Leaders: Vic Yeh (ACM), Ricky Lee (UPE), Sharon Grewel (ACM-W), Katherine Wang (CSGSC)

General Discussion:

Bill Goodin described some new initiatives for the EE Alumni Advisory Board, including mentorship for fellow alumni and for students, an alumni speaker series, an extra effort to recognize alumni with awards, and a female alumni subcommittee to help increase the number of women in EE.  Some of these ideas may also be applicable to CS and may interest the members of this board.

There was a discussion among the members about entrepreneurship at UCLA. The group agreed that UCLA needs to help establish and enhance the network of students and entrepreneurs. ACM and UPE organized an entrepreneurship conference in early May called Founder’s School that was very successful.

There was also a discussion about the senior design course or capstone course, and the members encouraged companies to provide projects for this course.   The more diverse and real-world the projects are, the better for the students.

There was a discussion of mentorship among the members; and Ning Ning and Francis mentioned that they have served as mentors and enjoyed the experience. Ning Ning introduced her mentees to CTOs in her companies. Francis wants to participate in an alumni networking event; and is willing to host one at Riot Games.

The members suggested that the Department create a half-day conference on Machine Learning or Big Data, and become a center of excellence in these areas.

Attached with these minutes is a presentation given by Dean Murthy to the Engineering Alumni Association Governing Board on May 10. It describes some of the areas that she will emphasize for the School of Engineering.

EAA Dean Murthy Presentation 05.10.16

Student group presentations:

Please see the attached presentations by ACM, UPE, and ACM-W.

UCLA ACM-W — A Year in Review


UCLA Upsilon Pi Epsilon 2015-2016

Past Events:

The Entrepreneur Panel was not held this year.

Several alumni participated in this year’s Open House in April; and we believe that we helped the Department convince many admitted high school seniors to choose UCLA. Not all of the data is in yet regarding the fall freshman class.

Future Events:

The Honors-Affiliate Mixer will be held on the evening of October 12, which is the same day as the CS Affiliate Internship/Career Fair (afternoon). Both will take place in the CNSI building.

Other Items:

We ask each Board member to make sure that his or her information on the website is correct,

Board membership:

Lolo Penedo announced that she is retiring from Northrop Grumman at the end of June, but will continue on the Board. We continue to seek new members; and some of our guests expressed interest in joining the board.