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Computer Science Department Administration

Department Chairman: Professor Mario Gerla
Vice Chair Graduate Programs: Professor Glenn Reinman
Vice Chair Undergraduate Programs: Professor Richard Korf

Computer Science Department Administrative Personnel

, Management Services Officer: Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the department. She is responsible directly, or through assisting the department Chairman, for the planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling of the teaching, research, administrative, and public activities of the department. In addition, she is responsible for processing all NSF proposals, TA appointments, and serves as a backup for various positions in the department.

, Fund Manager:Manages all contract and grant activities, including monthly reconciliation and distribution of general ledgers. Oversees all cost transfers, including expense and salary transfers, and also handles C&G student fellowships. Overall responsibility for the successful completion and submission of all proposals—including hands-on budget preparation and all required university and department forms. Knowledgeable about agency and university requirements, and advises staff and faculty as needed. Processes all cash deposits and gifts that are both monetary and non-monetary. In the handling of these functions, the CS Fund Manager works in close cooperation with the Office of Contracts and Grants Administration (OCGA), Extramural Fund Management (EFM), general accounting, the Graduate Division, the undergraduate financial aid department, and gift processing.

, Purchasing: Responsible for processing all accounts payable invoices, purchase orders, travel voucher reimbursements, airline reservations and check requests. He assists the fund manager in processing monthly computing facility recharges, processes monthly telephone charges, and is responsible for PAR reports and records. Bayan also monitors H&I and open commitment reports, and handles errors and discrepancies as required.

, Payroll Personnel Analyst: Responsible for all employment records and payroll issues for computer science personnel—including faculty, staff, teaching assistants (TAs) and graduate student researchers (GSRs).

, Academic Personnel: Responsible for all academic personnel actions, merits, promotions, and new appointments. Maintains and updates the dossier database (formerly known as SER). Upon demand prepares reports from theses data files. Arranges visas for visiting scholar and postdoctoral scholar appointments.

, Graduate Student Affairs Officer: Responsible for student academic affairs and for the administration of all aspects of the graduate degree programs and processing of all relevant forms. In addition, this office also serves as a liaison between graduate students and industry with respect to recruitment.

, Undergraduate Students Affairs Officer: Responsible for undergraduate students and programs in the Computer Science Department. This office is responsible for admissions to our two undergraduate programs—CS and CS&E. She is also responsible for the administration of various aspects of these degree programs. In performing these functions, the CS Undergraduate Student Affairs Office works in close cooperation with the SEAS Student Affairs Office, headed by the Dean of Student Affairs. Laurie is also handling department class scheduling.

, Chair Assistant: Responsible for assisting the chair with meetings, committees, presentations and correspondence. She also coordinates faculty recruitment, the Jon Postel Lecture series, and conference room reservations.

, Administrative Assistant: Responsible for assisting the fourth-floor faculty with class- related issues, CS201 seminars, assigning technical report numbers, reimbursements, graduate student lockers, audio visual requests and copiers.

, Administrative Assistant: Responsible for assisting the third-floor faculty with class-related issues, evaluations, seminars, audio visual requests and copiers. Osanna also processes travel vouchers, check requests, travel arrangements, and equipment reimbursements for faculty and their students.