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Adding MS On The Way To PhD

CS Ph.D. students who have not earned previously a master’s in computer science, electrical engineering, or similar discipline may be awarded an M.S. degree while working toward the Ph.D. degree by fulfilling all the M.S. degree requirements. The M.S. degree and Ph.D. degree may not be conferred in the same quarter, so the process should begin no later than the term in which the M.S. degree requirements are fulfilled. Students should confer with their faculty advisor about whether they should do a Thesis (Masters Plan I) or a Capstone Plan (Masters Plan II). A passed Written Qualifying Examination (WQE) may be substituted for the Capstone Project in Plan II. The required documents include the following, all located at: here.

Breadth requirements. The breadth requirements are the same for the two degree programs with the exception of CS201. Each degree program requires 3 terms of CS201, for a total of 6 terms.
M.S. Proposed Program of Study
Petition for Advancement to Master’s Candidacy
Master’s Thesis Committee Nomination Form (if Plan I is chosen)

M.S. Capstone Project Results Form (if Plan II is chosen). If applicable, it will be noted on this form that the WQE is being substituted for the Capstone Project. If all documents and the thesis or comprehensive examination are submitted according to department deadlines, the “degree awarded” date will be the graduation date of that term.