Gergely KLAR
Los Angeles, California

Research interests

Season's greetings, 2013

Simulations: FLIP+MGPCG, Rendering: Houdini

Quadratic elements for 2D-in-3D FEM

Using quads instead of linear elements in the FEM formulation opens up some interesting opportunities. This is a video of the baseline project.

Some notes on the math of using quads.

Rendering test using Maya

Test render of our lab's latest elasticity simulation method

Maya rendering of own FEM simulation

Simulation done using own tetrahedral FEM algorithm. The algorithm is able to recover elements from fully collapsed - or even inverted - states.

GPU flow simulation

Sample rendering from my flow simulation code. GPU computation was done in Shader Model 3! (Yep, good old pre-CUDA times!)



  • International Fulbright Science and Technology Award, 2010
    Program provides three years of funding to pursue PhD degree, along with stipend for living expenses and a generous research allowance.
  • ELTE University's Scientific Students' Association's first prize, 2008


  • PhD in Computer Science
    University of California, Los Angeles, California, September 2011-Present
    Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary, February 2009 - July 2011
  • Combined MSc/BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics, July 2008
    Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary

Professional Experience

Primary Lecturer of Computer Graphics

Taught and organized Computer Graphics lectures for BSc (150 students/semester) and MSc (20 students/semester) students. Leture slides: (in Hungarian) 2010-2011

Held labs for DirectX, OpenGL, Advanced realtime CG for 6 semesters (20-40 students/semester/lab) 2008-2011

Tata Consultancy Services, New Delhi, India

Intern at TCS Innovation Labs

Evaluated and did research on 3D stereo sound for virtual office applications. Created proof-of-concept prototypes in Python, evaluated existing libraries, and integrated results into Mumble, an open-source voice chat software using C++ and Qt. 2008


Developed an educational game for the iPhone. Main language of project was Objective C, while Python was used for tools. Created custom converter tools for the large dataset used to create game content. Product homepage 2010

Implemented a small-scale fleet management software for local bus company using C# and XML. 2005

Created a three game bundle named “Ciklogys Pack” using C++ and MFC. 2004